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What can be seen via dark field?
What can be seen via EM?
virus and microspordia
Why is a swab a bad thing?
3/100 will grow in culture, anaerobes die, only 150 microL
What is the order of reagents in gram staining?
crystal violet, iodine, alcohol, safarin
What can be stained via Acid-fast?
mycobacteria, nocardia, cryptosporidia, cyclospora
What are the reagents for the Acid-fast procedure?
carbofuchsin red, decolorizer (HCl), counterstain
What are the special fungal stains?
lactophenol cotton blue, GMS (gomori methenamine silver, PAS, Mucicarmine
What does the lactophenol cotton blue stain?
What does Gomori methenamine silver stain?
yeast, hyphae, pneumocystis carinii
What does PAS stain?
yeast calls and hyphae
What does mucicarmine staine?
cyrptococcus capsule
What are silver stains used for?
bacteria and spirochetes
What are the two silver stains?
Warthin-Starry, Steiner
How are parasites stained?
Wright's giemsa, wet mounts, trichrome, modified acid fast
What can the Wright Giemsa stain?
hitoplasma, leishmania, trypanosomas, malaria
What is an important carrier of antibiotic resistance?
conjugal plasmids called R plasmids
What is a prophage?
a phage that has entered the genome of the host but remains latent
What is a lysogen?
A cell harboring a prophage