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Bacteria divide via binary fission. TRUE/FALSE
Bacteria are haploid genetically. TRUE/FALSE
List 2 types of DNA forms found in bacteria?
Briefly describe the DNA structure of plasmids.
Double stranded circular DNA.
Antibiotic resistance genes, pili genes and exotoxin genes are carried on plasmids. TRUE/FALSE
How are plasmids transferred between bacteria?
What are the relative size and subunits for bacterial and eukaryotic ribosomes?
Bacterial: 70S with 50S and 30S subunits.
Eukaryotic: 80S with 60S and 40S subunits.
List 4 ways in which bacteria are able to acquire new genetic information.
conjugation/transposon insertion.
can bacteria acquire genetic information by transformation?
Yes.They take up DNA from lysed bacteria.
What mediates the transfer genetic material in transduction?
How do bacteriophages transfer bacterial genetic material via transduction?
Newly produced phages are packaged with bacterial genes, which are transferred to the next infected bacteria.
List 2 types of phages?
The virulent phage causes near immediate lysis of bacteria. TRUE/FALSE
What is a Prophage?
Unlike virulent phages, temperate phages un dergo a period of inactivity, in which the phage DNA incorporates into the bacterial chromosomaql DNA.
Name the two types of transduction and the type of phage responsible for each.
Generalized(virulent phage)
Specialized(temperate phage)
Which part of the bacterial chromosome is transferred in specialized transduction?
The segment of the bacterial genome adjacent to the prophage of a temperate bacteriophage.
List 3 bacterial toxins acquired through specialized transduction?
What plasmid encodes the proteins needed to form the sex pilus?
The F plasmid(F= fertility factor)
What is the term given when the F plasmid incorporates into the bacterial chromosomal DNA?
Hfr(high frequency recombination)
What are transposons?
They are mobile segments of DNA that can insert into bacterial chromosomes and plasmids. Transposons aid in the spread of antibiotic resistance.
What is the vanA transposon?
This transposon has given rise to vancomycin resistant enterococci(VRE) and Vancomycin resistant S. aureus(VRSA).