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Which drugs are commonly used to treat Mycobacterium tbc infection?
(ERIP) Ethambutol
What is the mechanism of action of ethambutol and is its unique side effect?
Inhibits arabinosyl transferase, an enzyme necessary to make the mycobacterial cell wall. Also causes decreased visual acuity and color vision.
What is the mechanism of action of rifampin?
Inhibits DNA-dependent RNA polymerase by binding to RNA polymerase and blocking elongation of RNA.
What are common indications for Rifampin/
M. tbc/N. meningitidis(prophylaxis)/H. influenzae
Why shouldnt Rifampin be used as monotherapy?
Resistance occurs rapidly. However, it may be used monotherapeutically for N. meninggitidis and H. influenzae.
What are some common side effects of Rifampin?
Red orange urine, induces P450, GI symptoms, headache, fever, rash.
What is the mechanism of action of INH?
It is thought to inhibit , mycolic acid synthesis.
What are some side effects of INH?
Hepatotoxicity(avoid alcohol) peripheral neuropathy(vit B6 depletion) sideroblastic anemia(B6 depletion).
Name 3 drugs commonly used in the treatment of Leprosy?
Methmoglobinemia occurs when the Ferrous(Fe2+) form of iron in hemoglobin is oxidized to the Ferric(Fe3+) form and cannot bind O2. What are the clinical manifestations of Methmoglobinemia.
Dyspnea, headaches, dizziness, altered mentation with cyanosis of extremities and darkened blood. It is treated with Methylene blue.