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1. in all cells except eryythrocytes.
2. found in cyto of all cells
3. each cell has MTOC
4. made up of a b tubulin
1 microtubule filament dimensions
13 tubulin filaments form one spiral tube
one microtuble = 24 diameter
Function of Microtubles
1. not related to structure - related to MAPS
kinesin MAP1c
Location of microtubles
location depends on tipe of microtuble ie. mitotic, anterograde retrograde axonal transport.
1. atpase activity
2. move from - to + end
Functions of microtubles
1. move cilia (ie cilia in trachea)
2. cell support
3. cell division
4. move organelles ie transport vesicles along axon
1. apart of flagella, cilia, and centrioles.
2. 9x2 + 2(not a doublet) arrangment
dyenin arms
a map that reversible binds to adjacent doublet
Basal Body
proximal to axoneme of a cilium. 9x3
1. 9x3 and no dynein arms
2. move as a pair
3. found adj to nucleus
actin fuctions
1. cytokinesis
2. form terminal web which attach to zonula adherens
3. locmotion - movement of motile cells..phagocytes.
4. move organells
5. move cell surface proteins
6. microvilli - structural support
7. muscle contraction
intermediate filaments structure
fibrous proteins; 2 coinled pp; non polar
Roles of if's
1. cytoskleton - postion organelles and organizing cytoplasm
2. associated with microtubles
3. nuclar lamins (A B and C)
4. different cell types have different tyles of intermeidate filaments)