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Whooping Cough - C.A
Bordetella pertusis
Whooping Cough - Characteristics
Aerobic G(- ) bacilli - Fatal resp.syndrome - encapsulated coccobacillus
Whooping Cough - Transmission
Direct contact - respiratory droplets or aerosols - communicable
Whooping Cough - Reservoirs
Whooping Cough - Organ involved
upper/lower RT - lungs
Whooping Cough - 2 stages
1: catarrhal stage - 2: paroxysmal stage
Whooping Cough - Catarrhal stage - S/S
nasal drainage - congestion - sneezing - occasional coughing
Whooping Cough - Paroxysmal stage - S/S
recurrent, persistent coughing, abrupt hacking - deep inhalation(Whoop)
Whooping Coughlab ID - Diag/Lab ID
Exam - clinical diagnosis - DNA test - nasal culture
Whooping Cough - Treatment
Standard therapy & prohylasix require 2wks macrolides(erythromycin - azithromycin) or septra - isolation barrier protection
Whooping Cough - Childhood prevention
immunizations @6wks(aP) - 5 dose series- 2mos - 6yrsDTap
whooping cough older - Adult prevention
Boostrix(combo Diphtheria, tetanus,pertussisantigens)
Whooping Cough - milder form called
mild form= Bordetella parapertussis
Whooping Cough - Virulence
Receptors bind to ciliated respiratory epithelial cells - toxins destroy & dislodge ciliated cells