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Inclusion bodies
bodies present in the nucleus of the cytopalsm of certain cells in infection by filtrable viruses
Aschoff bodies
Pheumatic fever
(extensive = McCallms patch)
Fibrinoid change in connective tissue
Babes Ernst granules
metachromatic granules seen in diptheria (URT infection)
Councilman cells
viral hepatitis
Guarneri bodies
small pox (variola)
koplik spots
measles (rubeola)
langerhan cell bodies
Lewy bodies
Parkinsons (paralysis agitans)
Mallory bodies
hepatitis (alcoholics)
Negri bodies
Rabies (hydrophobia)
Active immunity
1. naturally
2. artificially
- makes own Ab's
- long term immunity
1. exposed to disease
2. injection of attenuated organism
Passive immunity
1. naturally
2. artificially
- receives Ab's from thing
1. mother to fetus in utero, breast feeding
2. injection of gamma globulin or perified antiserum from animals