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What a protective coating around some pathogenic bacteria that protects them from the phagocytic activity of the host?

What is the stain used to ID this coating?

Capsule staining
Some gram positive (ex: Bacillus) bacteria can live as an inactive cell type resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

What is this cell type called? How is it identified?

Endospore stain
What are organisms called that are able to resist decolorization with acid-alcohol?

Name a specific example

Ex: mycobacterium tuberculosis
What is a specific method of capsule staining? What color will the capsules be?
Anthony's method

A clear halo around purple bacterium and background
What is a specific endospore staining method? What color will the spores be against the vegetative cells?
Malachite Green Method

Green against pink
What is a specific method of an acid fast stain?

The non-acid fast organism will appear BLANK, while the acid-fast organism will appear BLANK


What are viruses that infect bacteria with great specificity?
What is called when a bacteriophage's genome is immediately replicated & new phage particles are synthesized in the host cell?

What happens next?
Lytic cycle

The cell lyses and releases the new bacteriophages
What is called when a bacteriophage's DNA becomes integrated into the host's genome (prophage) and is replicated?

What happens next?

An environmental cue will trigger the lytic cell and then the host cell will lyse.
If a phage is incubated along with its appropriate host on an agar plate, it will produce BLANK
After incubation of a bacteriophage and its appropriate host, BLANK units can be counted on an agar plate.
plaque-forming units (PFU)
Simply describe the pour plate technique
Agar plate sandwich:

bottom: agar
middle: broth mix of phage & bacteria
top: agar