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action of diphtheria toxin
inhibits protein synthesis by ADP ribosylation of elongation factor 2.

treat with antitoxin and prevent with toxoid immunization
effect of P. aeruginosa toxin
exotoxin A inhibits protein synthesis by ADP ribosylation of elongation factor 2.
Neisseria gonorrhea
gram negative diplococcus.
Neisseria gonorrhea endotoxin
Neisseria gonorrhea, distinguishing enzyme
oxidase positive
Neisseria gonorrhea cultured on
chocolate agar (modified Thayer-Martin)
Neisseria gonorrhea resistance to phagocytosis
pili that attach to mucosal surfaces, antigenic change prevent immunity.


Protein I.
Neisseria gonorrhea special enzyme to stick to mucosal walls
IgA protease
Neisseria gonorrhea fermentation
only glucose
Neisseria gonorrhea treatment
PCN or if allergic use

ceftriaxone or macrolide
Francisella tularensis
gram negative rod, can survive in macrophages for a long time
Francisella tularensis transmission
ticks on wild rabbits.

cleaning animals hides, aerosol, insect bite
Francisella tularensis MC clinical presentation
ulceroglandular disease
Francisella tularensis requirement for growth
Francisella tularensis treatment
Campylobacter jejuni
comma/S-shaped gram negative rod. grows at 42 C
Campylobacter jejuni transmission
ingestion of poultry, milk, water
Campylobacter jejuni most common cause of:
bacterial gastroenteritis in USA
bloody diarrhea
Campylobacter jejuni associated with
Guillain Barre syndrome. antibodies cross react with neurons
Campylobacter jejuni treatment
MCC of OM in children
Strep. pneumoniae
MCC of otitis externa
Hemophilus influenza
gram negative coccobacilli. requires X and V factor for growth. (hemin and NAD)
multilobulated nucleus with granules. previously monocytes. microglial cells in the CNS and reservoir of HIV in CNS.
clue cell
gardnerella vaginalis infection
prick of thorn from a rose. prick from a lobster spine
patient sticks himself with a knife and develops trismus
treatment for Pneumocystitis carinii
budding yeast with narrow base bud
cryptococcus neoformans.

treat with amphotericin
DOC for chlamydia
chocolate agar
contains blood which supports growth of bacteria
child with menigitis and picture of gram neg diplococcus
N. meningitidis. capsule, endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide), IgA protease.

Tx: PenG
Microflora of nasopharynx
anaerobic bacteria, S. viridans, coagulase negative staph, avirulent Hemophilus and N. meningitdis.
Microflora of skin
coagulase negative staph; also S. aureus, Corynebacteria, Propionibacter, C perfringens, Candida, Malassezia
narrow angled septate hyphae and fruiting body
Southwest, arthrospores in dust
recurrent painful vesicles around mouth
Complementation in defective virus
replication of another virus provides missing function required by the mutant virus
Initial defense against Salmonella in the blood
endotoxins released by bacteria activate the alternative complement system
Self-induced abortion
cervical swab and put into anaerobic medium for Clostridium
SCID with adenosine deaminase deficiency
adenine buildup toxic to B and T cells, accumulation of dATP which inhibits ribonucletodie reductase with subsequent decrease in deoxynucleoside triphosphate precursors for DNA.

BM tranplant helpful
Spirochetes in synovial fluid
Lyme's disease due to Borrelia burgdorferi
Infertile woman with scarred fallopian tubes
Chlamydia trachomatis MCC
J-K disease from brain instrument treated with formaldehyde
MCC of myocarditis and pericarditis
gram positive rod, tumbling motility, pregnant woman should not eat soft cheese
wound infection
gram positive cocci = S. aureus
middle aged woman with menigitis
S. pneumo gram positive diplococcus
gram positive rod resistant to heat
bacillus anthracis