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What is sterilization?
100% free of microorganisms
What is disinfection?
use of physical or chemical agents
What is antisepsis? What is the difference from disinfection?
Chemical used on skin or other tissue. living tissue
what is pasteurization?
use of heat to kill pathogens
what is sanitization?
disinfecting in public places
What are the targets of Antimicrobial agents?
cell wall,cell membrane,proteins and nucleic acids
What are the most susceptible microbes?
Which are the most resistant microbes?
spore forming
What are the phsical methods of controlling microbes?
moist heat-boiling,autoclaving,pasteurization,
dry heat-flaming,oven,incineration,
refrigeration and freezing,
filtration,osmotic pressure-salting,radiation,drying,pickling,canning.
What are the chemical methods of controlling microbes?
alcohols,halogens-iodine,chlorine,surfactants-soap,heavy metals-silver nitrate in treatment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae,aldehydes-formalin.