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What is the most common agent of strep throat and tell gram staining and other diseases that this bacteria causes??
G + Type A Streptococcus Pyogenes Encapsulated chains Puerperal sepsis( childbed fever) Septocemia(blood poisoning) Erysipelas (open skin wounds)
scarlet fever
streptococcus Pyogenes thoat with a skin rash
erythrogenic toxin
red forming toxin
A manifistation of streptococcus pyogenes in kideneys fever and inflammation of small blood vessels
rheumatic fever
fever and immflamation of small blood vessels joint pain and distortion of heart valves antibody reaction
Alpha hemolitic
turn blood agar olive green color partially destroy red blood cells
Beta hemolytic
streptococci that are surrounded by clear zones on due to complete destruction of red blood cells on blood agar
Gamma hemolytic stretococci
No effecct on red blood cells in blood agar
Second classification system of streptococci
First system is the blood -digesting and the second is based on variats of a specific carbo.the C substance in the cell walls of strep. Groups A thr O
Strep cases anually
M Protein
enhances the pathogenticity of strep.P.
locateded in the cell wall and pili encourages adherence retards phagocytosis 60 types
what are the symptoms of diptheria
toxin can cause bullneck
a leathery pseudomembrane forms(dead tissue mucus and white blood cells)
exotoxin kills epithial cells in from interfering with protien synthesis
Treatment for diptheria
Penecillin and antitoxin
Toxoid in DTaP
Diptheria agent and type ????
Corynebacterium diptheriae-- Gram positive rod
Viris attache to bacterial chromosomes containing the genetic code for exotoxin
(lysogenic relationship)
Metachromatic granules??
corynebacterium diptheriae stained show up as cytoplasmic dots
toxin molecules treated with formaldahyde or heat to destroy their toxic qualities
No. of cases of diptheria
12 in US but problem in many regeins of world esp. asia
antigens on surface of bacteria 5 types
Transmisson of step p.
airborne droplets
Symptoms of strep. p.
1-3 days
high fever mesophile
swollen lymph nodes
red pharyngeal tissue
transfer proteins from one another
which does penecillin work best against
Gram positive bac.
Agent of Meninogococcal meningitis
Neisseria meningitis
Stain and desript. of neisseria meningitis
Symtoms of meningococcal meningitis
Influenza like resp. disease
stiff arched neck
rash on skin blue black to bright red
death can come in 2 hours
Untreated (50% mortality rate
meninges inflamed
Meningoccocal meningitis treatments and vaccin????
rifampin,penicillin, sulfonamide drugs
Vaccinate under certain circumstances with capsular polysaccharides from several groups of meningococci
Waterhouse_Fridersichsen syndrome????
Lesions from meningococcol meningitis on adrenal gland (hormone imbalence)
transfer of meningococcal meningitis???
No of cases per???
Person to person transfer
fragile organism
3000 in 1997 in us
Agent of haemopnilus meningitis
Bacteria type??
haemophilus influenzae type B
Gram negetive encapsulated rod
Symptoms of haemophilus meningitis
haemophilus influenzae type b causes stiff neck, severe headache, listlessness, drowsiness,irritability
disease mortality 5%
Vaccinne for haemophillus meningitis???
how many cases??
Included in DTaP (poyysaccharides from organism's capsule ACELLULAR VACCINe
rifampin used for treatment with others
HIB disease???
Haemophilus meningitis in children from 6months to 2 years- Complication to a previous disease
Treatment for haemophilus meningitis
Tuberculosis Agent???
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
tuberculosis staining???
Cell wall contains layer of fatt waxey material that resis. environmental factors.. stain acompanied by heat or lip dissolving (small rod is ACID FAST)
tuberculin test???
app, of purified protein derivitive of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the skin( if exposed skin becomes raised thick and red
How many exposures to get tB
Transfer of mycobacterium tuberculosis???
Airborne droplets mutiple exposures
Cases of tuberculosis in US
20,000 new case anually More deaths from this disease in developing countries than any other bacterial
3,000 Annual fatalities in us
1.7 billion people in the world 1997 3 million world deaths
what percent of tb people become ill within 3 months with syptoms of chronic cough, chest pain, high fever, rust colored sputnum
10 %
Miliary tuberculosis????explain

Another name for???
the tubercle has broken down and spread to other body parts discernable toxins 2. tissues are consumed

Mantoux test???
test for antibodies ,,if vacinnated can't test
Who first isolated mycobacterium tuberculosis??
Robert Koch in 1882
Pott's disease ????
Tuberculosis of the spine
Drugs to treat TB???
isoniazid(INH),pyrazinamide,rifamptin,ethambutal and streptomycin
How do you immunize against TB???
injections of weakened Mycobacterium bovis
what is mycobacterium avium-intracellular
Acid fast rod that causes lung disease especially in AIDS patients,associated with birds,Called mycobacteriosis, or Mai disease
pneumonia meaning?
microbial diseases of the bronchial tubes and lungs
80% of bacterial cases of pneumonia are caused by what agent
Streptococcus pneumonia
Give description of Streptococcus pneumonia
Gram positive ,encapsulated chain,diplococcus
What is agent in pneumococcal pneumonia??
streptococcus pneumonia(pneumococcus)
How is pneumococcal pneumonia aquired??
droplets or contact ---The pneumococcus exist in most Americans but resistance is high--in respiratory tract--
Symptoms of streptococcus pneumonia are ------????
high fever
chest pains
diffuclt breathing
rust colored sputnum
lobar pneumonia???
entire lobe of one lung has infection
pneumonia in both lungs is called ______???/
double pneumonia
How many strains of pneumococcal pneumonia are there and how many have vaccine made for them????
over 80 strains and FDA has liscenced a vaccine for 23 strains
Describe the Eaton agent???

and Tell the name of agent.
Causes primary atypical pneumonia and named mycoplasma pneumoniae PAP
Another name for mycoplasmic pneumonia???
walking pneumonia and primary a typical pneumonia
Describe agent mycoplasmic pneumoniae
smallest of bacteria
have no Gram reaction
0.2um in size
Pleomorphic (variety of shapes)
no cell wall
What antibiotic used against mycoplasma pneumonia
cold agglutinin screening test???
antibodies produced against mycoplasmic pneumonia agglutinate type O red blood cells at 4degrees C but not at 37 degrees C
describe agent of Klebsiella pneumonia???
Klebsiella pneumoniae is a gram negative encapsulated rod,often occurs naturally inresp. tract of humans.
As secondary disease is a Nosocomial
As primary disease is characterized by sudden onset and gelantinous reddish brown sputnum 5% of bacterial pnuemononia