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Causes gray pseudomembranes on the back of the throat.

Respiratory transmission.
Targets the heart and brain
Corynebacterium Diptheriae

Catalase +

Dx: K Tellurite agar (black coonies 24 hrs)+ Loefflers coagulated blood serum media (12hrs).
"TELL yoUR InTErn not to LOAF around"

A - blocks protein synthesis EF2 (anti human ribosomal)
B - Entry into heart/neurons

Tx:Antitoxin + Penn/Erythromycin
Prophylaxis: DPT vaccine
This cause of late onset neonatal sepsis is a falcutative intracellular parasite that spreads from cell to cell via actin rockets.
Transmission via contaminated dairy products or vaginal.
Neonatal meningitis (3rd)
Meningitis (immunocompromised)
Listeria Monocytogenes
Catalase +, Beta hemolytic

Has endotoxin (Lipid A - LPS). Motile.

Tropism for nervous tissue. hides out in macrophages. Immune competent hosts can activate their macs and destroy organism.

Tx: Ampicillin, TMP-SMX
Organisms have a Chinese letter configuration
Corynebacterium Diptheriae
Grows at cold temps (2.5 degrees C) thus can isolate from mixed flora.
Listeria Monocytogenese
End over End, tumbling motility
Listeria Monocytogenes
Elek Test
Test for C. Diptheria.
Sterile filter paper impregnated with diptheria antitoxin imbedded in augar culture medium. Streak with diptheria. lines of ppt form where toxin meets antitoxin.
ADP-E2F Exotoxin
C. Diptheria
As the dominant organism of normal vaginal flora, its metabolism helps maintain the low pH of the vagina

Produces lactic acid (lowers pH)which inhibits growth of harmful bacteria.

Also found in Yogurt - L.Acidopholis
Elek Test
Corynebacterium Diptheria
What is this test and what does it detect?