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Major cause of ABE (fast) especially in IV drug users.(Rt side, tricuspid - causes damaged to healthy tissue)

Exotoxin:Antibiotics don't help
Enterotoxin - Gastroenteritis
TSST-1 - palms soles desquamate
Exfolatin - Sacalded skin syndrome - fine sheets of peeling skin- neonates umbilical cord

Organ invasion:
Pneumonia - CAP + cavitations
Osteomyelitis - hematogenous 12yr old boys
ABE - R - lung, L- brain
Septic arthritis
Skin infections - Impetigo, cellulitis, folliculits

Staph Aureus (gold)
Coagulase + = Activates prothrombin causing clotting

Tx: Group II penicillin
MRSA:IV Vancomycin, Daptomycin
Second leading cause of UTI in sexually active women
Staph Saphrophyticus
Coagulase -

Ferments mannitol
Resistant to novobiocin

Tx:Penn G,V
Part of the normal flora of skin. Blood culture contaminant,draw @ 2 sites.
Nosocomial infections
Prosthetics (endocarditis)
Sepsis (IV, Cathethers)
Staph Epidermidis
Coagulase -

Does not ferment mannitol

Alpha hemolytic, Optochin Sensitive

Lancet shaped diplococci found in rusty brown sputum.
Causes >90% cases of lobar pneumonia.
Most common cause of bacterial meningitis in adults and otitis media in kids.


Otitis Media (Kids)
Strep Pneumonia (pneumococcus)

Pneumococcus is to Parents what group B is for Babies

Polysaccharide capsule - 84
Dx: Quelling Rx, Optochin sens
Tx:Penn G, Erythromycin, Ceftriaxone
Prophylaxis: Vaccine 23 ag.
Elderly, asplenic, sickle cell, immunocomp.
Adults: Pneumovax
Kids: heptavalent - 6,9,14,19,23
Alpha hemolytic, Optochin Resistant

Normally found in GI, nasopharynx and gingiva. Leading cause of SBE.

Dental infections - cavities
SBE - previously damaged, slow
Abscesses - organs, growth in blood, order CT with contrast
Strep Viridans (Green)

Salivarius, Sanguis, Mitis, Intermedius (abcesses), Mutans (dental)

Tx:Penn G
Beta hemolytic, Bacitracin sensitive

Invasion/Exotoxin Release:
Strep pharyngitis - Penn G,V
Skin infection - impetigo, cellulitis, folliculits, necrotizing fasciitis/myositis
Scarlet Fever - pyrogenic toxin, face sparing, Dick test

Delayed antibody mediated:
Rheumatic fever (john travolta) - follow pharyngitis (not skin), erythema marginatum, chorea, myocarditis, arthritis
Mitral>aortic valve

Ag-Ab deposition in glomeular BM complement mediated damage
Occurs 1 wk after pharynx or skin infection
Puffy faced, tea colored urine (hematuria), hypervolemia, high BP in a kid.
Strep Pyogenes -Group A Strep

Dx: DNase B + ASO titers
Strep pharyngitis - penn G
Skin infection - Group II penn

Necrotizing/scarlet fever/TSS Penn G + clidamycin (block toxin production)

Rheumatic Fever - prophylactic penicillin (Group III) Amoxicillin - surgery + dental

Glomerulonephritis - Penn G,V
Beta hemolytic, Bacitracin Resistant

25% of women normally carry this vaginally, seen in < 3months of age (neonates)

Strep Agalactiae -Group B Strep

Tx:Penn G + listeria and E-coli coverage
Gamma hemolytic, Bile Esculin -
Non-Group D Strep
Gamma hemolytic, Bile Esculin +, NaCl +

Normal GI flora

Biliary tract
Group D Strep Enterococci

Tx:Ampicillin + Aminoglycoside
Resistant - vancomycin
VRE - pristinomycins
Gamma hemolytic, Bile Esculin +, NaCl -

This bug is associated with colon cancer
Group D Strep
Strep Bovis
Strep Equinus

Bovis in the blood, ca in bowel!
3 Meningitis causing organisms
Group B strep - S. Agalactiae

Dx: CSF gram stain culture
Non-specific signs in neonates
Gram + organisms that damage the heart
Strep Pyogenes - RF (R side)
Strep Viridans - SBE
Strep Group D - SBE

Staph Aureus - ABE (L side)
Dx via the quelling Rxn
Strep Pneumoniae
H. Influenzae