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What type of bacteria are the following?
1. Streptococci pneumonaie
2. Moraxella Cartarrhalis
3. Bordatell Pertusis
4. Corynebacterium Diptheriae
5. Pesudomonas Aeruginosa
1. Gram (+) diplococci
2. Gram (-) diplococci
3. Gram (-) coccobacilli (short Rod) strict aerobe
4. Gram (+) Rod non spore, non fillamentous
5. Gram (-) Rod obligate aerobe
Which bacteria uses the following virulence factors?Sufrace protein adhesin
Secreted IgA protease
streptococci pneumonaie
Which bateria's only reservoir is in humans and is found 75% of children up to 3 years of age?
moraxella cartarrhalis
What is the most infective period for Bordatella Pertussis? Where does the bacteria like to attach to?
1-2 weeks
Cilliated epithelial cells
What are the 4 virulence factors protected against by teh Dtap?
1. Pertusis toxin
2. Filamentous hemagluttinin
3. Fimbrae
4. Pertactin
Patient: Burn victim (with CF) present with necrotizing bronchopneumonia infection, which baceria is it likely?
Pseudomonas Aeruignosa
What bacteria has a vaccine that is not affective for:
kids < 2 years, Aspelnic, HIV, Sickle cell, Revnal transplant?
Streptococci Pneumonaie
Which baceria is often treated with 2 antibiotics for synergy and employs the toxins.
Endotoxin A & S
Phosphlipase C
Pesudomonas Aeruginosa
What kind of infection can be characterised with w/ lobar consolidation generaly only the lower lobe?
What is unqiue about it in cultutre.
Strep pneumonaie.
(-) catalse in comarison to staplococci.
inhibited in the presence of optochin (alpha haemolytic)
Does not matter whether local organism is killed can still cause damage to tissue?
Corynebacterium diptheriae
Which of the following is not a component of Pseudommonas Aeruginosa?
1. Gram (-) rod
2. Obligate anerobe
3. stains appear mucoid
4. characteristic smell
2. it is an obligate aerobe
Patient who has spent time in a hospital recently had just returned from the mid east, he complains of a chronic cough lasting for more than a week, Rhinorrhea, malaise, fever, sneezing, and anorexis. What does he likely have.
bordatella pertussis
90% of this bacteria are resistant to beta lactams and is highly problematic for kids due to Eustachian tube orientation?
Moraxella Cartarrhalis
What is the key component of treatment for Corynebacterium Diptheriae? how does this affect diagnosis
Need to employ an antitoxin to neutralize any dissmeinated toxin.
Important to demonstrate toxigenicity because non toxigenic strains "diptheroids" may be carried as normal F. on throat and skin.
Which of the following are not disease outcomes due to Moraxella Cartarrhalis?
1. URT
2. LRT
3. Ottitis media
4. Whooping cough
5. Tracheobronchitis
4. Whooping Cough..seen in Bordatell Pertussis infections.