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carries genetic info from dna to a ribosome
carries amino acids to the ribisome
transfer rna
together with polypeptides makes up structure of ribs
antimicrobial drugs affect pathogens by
inhibiting cell wall synthesis
betalactams are
penicillins, cephalosporins, and monobactams
betalactams do what
prevent crosslinking Nam subunits of peptidoglycan
vancomycin and cycloserine
disrupt cell wall formation in many g-pos
blocks nag and nam secretion from the cytoplasm
isoniazid and ethambutol
block mycolic acid synthesis in cell wall of mycobacteria
aminoglycosides and tetracyclines
inhibit protein synthesis, 30s
cloramphenical and macrolides
inhibit 50s
amphotericin B and polymixin
disrupt cytoplasmic membranes of fungi g-neg