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Major elements
Minor elements
CA, Na, Cl, Fe, MG, Mn
think 'ca-na-cl'
use inroganic sources of carbon , turn inorganic carbon sources into organic carbon sources
require organic sources of carbon * these come from other organisms, they cannot make their own
use light for energy
use chemicals as a source of energy, they oxidize chemicals and energy is released
use REDUCED organic molecules as source of energy
use Organic molecules
3 Sources of nitrogen
1) atmsospheric nitrogen fixers like bacteria and cyanobacteria
3 Sources of nitrogen
2) Inorganic nitrogen NO2- (nitrate)a few chemolithotrophic bacteria can use strictly sources of nitrogen
3 source of nitrogen
Organic Reduced nitrogen= NH4+ or amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, humans need 8 essential amino acids that they can't make
needed for most biological chemical reactions
low ph
mold grow well on low pH, bacteria cannot
fastidious organisms
needs MANY organic + inorganic molecules to survive, they cannot make their own a.a., this is most pathogens
General purpose media
TSA, TSB, tryptic soy agar,
enriched media
ex. Blood agar.
when you add additional nutrients to gen. purp. media like proteins, agar, a.a., sugars,
synthetic media
the exact conc. of each chemical is known, designed to grow ONE particular MO
selective media
favor the growth of particular types of MO and limit the growth of other MO. Special ingredients are added that are unfavorable to some MO
Differential media
contain ingredients which allow the observer to distinguish between different types of MO growing on the media. ex. Endo agar-test for fecal coliform
assay medium
used to determine specific nutrient requirements on an organism used to determine M sensitvity to spceific antibiotics
enumeration media
used to determine # of MO in a sample, commonly used in soil, food, h20 samples
characterization media
used to determine type of growth or porduction of SPECIFIC CHEMICALS by a MO
living media
consist of living cells, needed to cultivate viruses
Maintenance media
keeps culture alive for a long time, does not promote growth