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categorization of organisms into order. Helps show evolution
Binomial system
Genus species
Taxonomy rank
DDCOFGSS -Domain, Division, Class, Order, Familly, Genus, Species, Strain
Who is responsible for the 5 kingdom system?
Woese theory
Archea are ancient Lack muramic acid in cell wall,
Numerical Taxonomy
use enterotube and results by number and find org by number on computer (doesn't always work especially when bac is changed)
G + C taxnomy
melting temperature
Nucleic acid hybridization
read and compare DNA sequences
DNA probes
can be used from identification
rRNA and phylogeny
shows relationships especially between 16s rRNA
Isolation of rRNA
lysis, phenol extraction, RNA ppt with alcohol and salt, PCR to amplify
Biggest micro manual
Stages of syphilis
1. 10-90 chaucre like a zit on the face 2. septicema, communicable
shirochetes features
gram neg, slender coils. periplasmic flagella (2-100). Cytoplasm and nuclear region are in cell membrane-cell wall complex (protoplasmic cylinder)
Shirochetes 5 genera
Bored Christ tripped spiraling leper. Borrelia, Christispira, treponema, spirochaeta, leptospira
Treponema pallidum
Treponema pertenue
yaws - a tropical disease on soles of feet and palms
treponema carateum
tropical disease that causes hyperpigmentation
Borrelia burgdorferi
causes lyme disease
Leptospira interrogans
leptospirosis - flu symptoms and liver disease
Some ____ live symbiotically in insects and help them digest cellulose
Genus Spirillum
largest bac. Freshwater and marine. recycle matter
C. jejuni
Gram - should not get into bed with these. small bac that parasitize gram neg. live in periplasmic space
What are restriction endonucleases?
recognize and cleave certain sequences in DNA. 500 kinds. Leaves sticky overhangs
Steps of Gene cloning (4)
1. isolate or synthesize gene of interest. 2. incorporate it into the a cloning vector. 3. vector into host. 4. detection of gene in host
Plasmids as cloning vectors
Small (1,000 to 300,000 bps). can replicate independently of bacteria genome. multiple in cell means it can be amplifiied.