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what does EMB stand for?
Eosin Methylene Blue
What is the purpose of an EMB agar? What are the ingredients?
It has lactose in it. It grows G (-) organisms...
What color is an EMB?
Purple. And colonies are Dark. i.e. Metallic Green
Which organisms lookk like fish eyes, and which medium do they grow on?
Enterobacter and Klebbselia. Enterobacter is a dark/black colony, and Klebbselia is a gooey center. They both grow on EMB.
What does MSA stand for?
Manitol Salt Agar
What does MSa grow?
Halo-tolerant organisms.
What is the percentage of salt in MSA?
on an MSA medium, what color are the two staphs?
STaph Ep-(G positive) ACID YELLO....beecause it breaks down the manitol..
Staph AU-(G negative) Stays RED because it doesn't break down manitol.
Which organism causes bed ulcers?
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Which type of organism causes "gull wing" formations...
Genus: Microaerophiles...
Species:Gastro Enteritus...camplobacter jejunii
What is another name for a fastidious organism?
What grows on an acidic medium?
yeasts and molds...pH 0-1: Thiobacillus Thiooxidans..., and Alcaligenes viscolactis
What percentage of salt can Extreme halophiles live in?
15-20 %
What percentage of salt can Low level halophils live in?
Who discovered Anaerobiosis
What is the log phase?
the first 4 will log adjust to the division, organisms are just getting larger
What is the second phase?
Logarithmic phase: 4-24 hours...They multiply. Generation time calculated.
What is the third phase?
24-48 hours...plateau phase...Stationary.
It runs out of a nutritional source, or maybe it's building up toxic products...too much acid...pH is lowered, and metabolism stops. Cells dividing at the same rate as cells dying.
How many ATp's are produced in glycolysis?
2....2 are expended, and four are produced...4-2=2
What does Glycolysis do?
Takes glucose to pyruvate, and provides energy...(2ATP)
How many ATP does Ecoli get from the Kreb's cycle
ecoli gets: 38 ATP
How many ATP do we get from the Kreb's cycle?
After spinning the Kreb's cycle 2x, how many NADH are there?
Why do we need GTP?
For DNA and RNA, and Protein Synthesis.
How many ATP's are there per NADH?
3 ATP's per NADH.
What is the end result of THe ETS?
Oxygen, and WATER