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What is the name or letter on the disk we drop for Group A determination?
What is the letter or name of the disk used fro strep pneumo determination?
When doing a oxidase test what indicates a positive result?
Purple color
Name 3 criteria (simple test) that would indicate a possible Neisseria diagnosis?
Gram negative dipplo.
Intracellular organisms
positive oxidase
Growth on MTM
Name the gram reaction of Staph Aureus?
Gram positive cocci in clusters
Name the gram reaction of yeast?
Large gram positive cocci
Name the gram reaction of Strep pyogenes?
Gram positive cocci in pairs and chains
Name the gram reaction of Haemophilus influenzae?
Gram negative coccibacilli
Name the gram reaction of E. Coli?
Gram negative bacilli.
What do we mean by Biosafety Level 2 with Biosafety 3 procedures.
Use level 2 equipement but all trash is biohazard and all specimens are set up under the hood.