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Make a true statement about H. influenzae.
Invasive infections are often associated with encapsulated strains.
The capsule of H. influenzae is antiphagocytic and facilitates hematogenous dissemination of the agent. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. Passive transfer of maternal IgG may afford neonates protection. This agent requires both hemin(X factor) and NAD(V factor), which are not available in sheep agar
Bordetella pertussis has no known animal reservoir. TRUE/FALSE
B. melintensis primarliy infects sheep and goats.
F. tularensis has a broad host range including birds and housepets.
Regarding Bordetella pertussis, isolation of the organism from clinical specimens is greatest during the early stages of illness. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. It causes initially a lymphocytic leukocytosis. The cough begins somewhat later.
Growth of Bordetella requires a medium containing charcoal. Why?
This is necessary in order to absorb or neutralize inhibitory substances, and also antibiotics that inhibit the growth of normal flora.
Presently, the most common form of botulism in the US occurs in infants. TRUE/FALSE
Clostridium perfringens infections are commonly associated with...
contamination of wounds.
Specific antitoxin is an important part of treatment in....
tetanus. Tetanus antitoxin is an essential reagent in wound prophylaxis. It neutralizes only the toxin that has not bound the neuronal receptors.
A predisposing factor in pseudomembranous colitis(PMC) is...
clindamycin treatment.
The probable cause for the relapsing nature of relapsing fever caused by Borrelia recurrentis is...
successive appearance of antigenic variants.
B. recurrentis, the cause of relapsing fever, is borne by ticks. TRUE/FALSE
Pinta, Yaws and Syphilis are transmitted by direct human to human contact, wheras Leptospirosis is transmitted via water contaminated with animal urine.
Endoflagella are a distinct feature of spirochetes. TRUE/FALSE
Syphilis and Lyme disease are strikingly similar in that both diseases display three similar distinct phases. TRUE/FALSE
A 22 year old male presents to his physician, complaining of a 2 week history of a sore on his penis. Physical exam shows a firm, raised red non tender chancre midway between the base and glans. What is the most appropriate course of action?
Perform a dark field examination on a swab of the active lesion.
Regarding the symptoms in the previous example, what is the most likely diagnosis?
Primary syphilis, not Herpes simplex virus because the penile chancre is not tender. Herpes lesions are quite painful. Treponema pallidum, cannot be readily cultured in routine clinical laboratory. Immunofluorescent stain or dark field illumination are required. It is usually diagnosed via antitreponemal antibodies.