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The primary effect of lactobacilli in the adult vagina is to...
maintain an acidic environment
The predominant bacterial species that colonizes the human skin is....
Staph. epidermidis
Endotoxins belong to a class of biological molecules called....
Exotoxins belong to a class of biological molecules called...
The mechanism of action of diptheria toxin is to...
block protein synthesis. This toxin inactivates the polypeptide elongation factor EF-2, blocking protein synthesis.
A 48 yr olk woman presented at the emergency room complaining of urinary urgency and flank pain. Micro examination of a urine sample revealed gram- rods. prior to initiation of therapy, she developed abruptly a fever, chills and delirium. Hypotension and hyperventilation rapidly followed. These observations suggest that the patient is responding to the release of bacterial....
Lipopolysaccharides. This patient is suffering from septic shock.
Why is KOH an appropriate stain for fungi?
Treatment with KOH dissolves host cells and bacteria, allowing fungi to be visualized.
M. tbc is stained with Ziehl-Neelsen stain(acid fast).
C. neoformans in CSF is seen with india ink.
Organisms that are intracellular, such as Chlamydia, or that lack a cell wall, like mycoiplasma or ureaplasma are not readily detected by Gram stain.
Name a media most suitable for identifying Neisseria gonorrhoeae in a cervical swab.
Thayer martin medium.
Chocolate agar provides growth requirements for fastidious organisms such as H. influenzae or N. gonorrhoeae.
Mackonkey agar supports most Gram neg rods especially Enterobacteriacae.
Hektoen enteric agar is also a selective medium often used to culture Salmonella and Shigella species.
Make a statement that most correctly describes vaccines containing live, attenuated pathogens.
Provides extended, sometimes life long immunity.
Make a statement that best describes the components of vaccines against Haemophilus influenzae disease.
Polysaccharide derived from H. influenzae conjugated to a protein antigen.
Covalent conjugates of capsular polysaccharide with diphtheria protein have been developed for H. influenzae.
Make a statement that best describes the sabin polio vaccine.
carries a small risk of causing disease.(attenuated live) 1 per 2.4 million doses.
A 25 year old woman whose blood tested positive for hepatitis B surface antigen(HBsAg) gave birth to a full term child. What type of therapy would most likely minimize the transmission of hep B to the neonate?
Administer Hep B immunoglobulin and Hep. B. vaccine. the two injections required must be given at separate sites to prevent injected Hep B immunoglobulin from neutralizing the injected vaccine.