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ELEK test
tests for toxin production by Coryne diphth
medium of choice to Dx Neisseria
Thayer-Martin==>medium of choice for growth of Neisseria from sites with normal flora (not CSF)

simple chocolate agar==>medium of choice to Dx meningococcal meningitis (N men)
enzyme prod by C perf that damages cell membranes
stain for Pneumocystic jiroveci
methenamine silver
suppurative cholangitis caused by
-Ascaris lumbricoides
-liver flukes: Clonorchis sinesis & Fasciola hepatica
Elongation Factor 2 for TRANSLATION elongation

tbus, toxins like C diph toxin that inhibit EF-2 are actually inhibiting translocaton elongation
rat-bite fever
2 forms:

1. Streptobacillus MONliformis
-"Haverhill fever form"
-in U.S.
(G- bacillus)

2. Spirillium minus
-"Sodoku form"
-in Japan

*visualize MONica with Strep throat (but it's G-) stabbing a rat with a "SPIRE" from a Japanese Buddhist temple
cat scratch dz
Bartonella henselae
bacillary angiomatosis
=vascular proliferative dz involving skin, sub-q tissue, and bone in imm-s pts

-caused by Bartonella henselae & Bartonella quintana
most important pathogenic trait of E. coli
P-pili (=pilus adhesin associated with pyelonephritis)
Toxins Stx-1 and Stx-2 produces by what?
=Shiga toxins

produced by Shigella & E coli
monobactam (diff structure from penicillin, so can gie to ppl allergic to penicillin)

-not B-lactamase resistant
-Tx G- but not G+
mech of infxn of Pseudomonas
Pseudomonas produces Exotoxin A, which ADP-ribosylates (thus inhibitating) EF-2
==>elongation during protein translation
MOA of cephalosporins
~ penicllins:

bind PCP's==>prevent cell wall synthesis
quinolone antibiotics
-ex. ciprofloxacin
-MOA: inhibit DNA gyrase
G+ coccus that grows on mannitol salt agar
why is Histo not easily transferred from person to person?
"honey-crusted lesions"

2nd MCC=SA
forms fibrous clot in animal serum

means what?
coagulase +
how does SA evade phagocytosis?
Protein A binds Fc of IgG==>prevents opsonization
which bacteria gain fxn from lysogenic phage genome?
C. botulinum (exotoxin)
SA (erytrogenic toxin)
Salmonella (O antigen)
inoculating sample of organism into animal serum ("germ tube test") yields pseudohyphae.

candida albicans
what organisms are catalase +
Group D Strep

-who is susceptible
-how Dx
an example is Strep bovis

-ppl with colon dz (i.e. colon CA) are suspectible to Strep bovis bacteremia and endocarditis

-Dx by seeing cell wall carbohydrate composed of glycerol teichoic acid
diabetic with lesion that has black necrotic center

caused by Pseudomonas (see my pic of Kate in FA)

-alpha toxin: inhibits EF-2 (target=liver cell)
==>inhibits protein elonation
what bug agglutinates human O+ RBC's in the cold?
Mycoplasma pneumoniae

(cold hemagglutins)
what bug causes agglutination of Strep salivarius strain MG?
Mycoplasma pneumoniae

(Strep salivarius strain MG= Strep MG agglutins)
what normally colonizes the vagina of a woman during:

-childbearing age?
-pre-puberty: Staph epi

-childbearing age:
what AB taken by pregnant mom causes newborn to develop abdominal distension, pallid cyanosis, and irregular resp?

("gray baby syndrome" [gray=cyanotic]: ridic pic-- chlorine pouring into bone and gray baby)
can you a pregnant woman safely take aztreonam
in burn victims, what does Pseudomonas produce to cause sepsis & hemorrhagic/ulcerated over the burns?
elastase (breaks down elastins AND prevents neutrophil chemotaxis)
pt with Hx of chronic bloody diarrhea presents with large, tender liver.

Entamoeba histolytic (can cause dysentery, peritonitis, or liver abscess)
pharyngoconjunctivitis spread by swimming pools
MCC Toxoplasmosis
poorly cooked pork (not cats!)
how does N. gonorrhea evade phagocytosis
pili (not capsule)
how does N. gonorrhea evade the immune system?
antigenically variable pili
#1 and #2 populations most susceptible to PCP?
#2 premature infants
tinea pedis

-findings on KOH mount
branching, septate hyphae with arthroconidia
Sporothrix schenckii

-findings on KOH mount
branching hyphae with rosettes of conidia

-findings on KOH mount
budding yeasts
KOH mount shows short, curved hyphae and round yeasts
="spaghetti (hyphae) and meatball (round yeats)"

Malassezia furfur (==>pityriasis versicolor & dandruff)
daycare center or military

>20 bloody diarrhea episodes per day
fxn of recA gene in bacteria
recA= recombinase A gene

-recA is required for homologous recombination b/c recA is what integrates new DNA into recipient DNA piece

required for:
-generalized & specialized transduction
-Hfr to F- conjugation

but NOT for F+ to F- conjugation
cat scratch disease
Bartonella henselae (G- rod)
11 y/oi girl with recurrent URTI has tonsils with granules that have G+ center and numerous branching filaments at periphery.

Actinomyces israeli
person with recurrent diarrhea has stools that contain cysts w/multiple nuclei
entamoeba histolytica
why is chlamydia an obligate intracellular parasite?
b/c it can't make ATP
G- oral flora that can cause subacute bacterial endocarditis after dental procedures

Haemophilus aphrophilus
Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
Cardiobacterium hominis
Eikenella corrodens
Kingella kingae
woman visits woods near beach in the Northeastern U.S. and develops fever, chills, H/A

blood smear demonstrates protozoa within erythrocytes

Babesia microti (protozoa in maltese cross: cross or X-shaped)

(ridic pic: p. 245)
gastric CA d/t H pylori is associated with what gene?
CagA=cytotoxin associated gene A
which layer of the epithelium does HPV affect?
stratum basale
corkscrew motility

(mneum: you can get Trichomonas from "screwing"
==>corkscrew motility)
white spots on bright red background on buccal mucosa


(white spots=Koplik spots)
what virus can cause post-infectious (~1 week after infxn) encephalomyelitis?

-findings on CNS biopsy?

-CNS biopsy shows pervenous microglial encephalitis with demyelination
pharyngoconjunctivitis spread b/w ppl swimming in same swimming pool