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Which bacteria is responsible for a symptom that's often mistaken for appendicitus?
#1 cause of foodborne disease in Japan?
V. parahemolyticus
Virulence Factors of Vibria
1. parahemolyticus
2. vulnificus
3. cholera
1. heat stable hemolysin
2. invasive polysaccharid capsule involve in Fe intake; LPS
3. CT bind w/GM1 receptor. Internalized; increased cAMP production; leads to water expulsion from intestinal cells-->diarrhea
Is Vibro deadly?
vulnificus and cholera are.
Vulnificus: No GI, but septicemia, hypotension (50-90% death)
Cholera: MASSIVE h20 loss results in "Cholera gravis": tachicardia, hypotension
What is responsible for 95% of all seafood related deaths in this county?
V. vulnificus
Which Vibrio sickness causes no GI symptoms?
Vulnificus. Rare. Mostly septicemia, hypotension, prostration.
What toxin functions as a "superantigen"?
S. aureus toxin
Which bacteria are halotolerant? Halophilic?
Listeria (5-10%), Staph (20%!)
-this also affect they ability to grow in lower aw.

Vibrio is halophilic (requires salt)
What foods are most susceptible to staph contamination?
Those with low aw to inhibit other bacteria - cake icing!
Which one causes perforation of the SI?
Which bacteria have low infectious doses?
Shigella and listeria (systemic complications)
What are the strains of l. monocytogenes that are pathogenic?
1/2a, 1/2b and 4b. 4B is most common & causes 50% of cases ww.
Why is MOX agar used for listeria?
It contains esculin; listeria can hydrolize ecsulain and a subsequent reaction then produces a black precipitate.

Sheepblood agar: hemolysis
Why should I remember that listeria makes a hot dog weepy?
It produces acid!!!!!
What is unique about the way listeria causes infection?
In invades cell intracellularly: cell-to-cell transmission.
Growth at low temperatures enhances the virulence of which bacteria?
Yersinia: at low T's, yersinia is found w/a flagella: motility.
Where are C. botulinum spores found?
Ubiquitous in nature: soil!!
Why do infants get botulinum as an intoxico infection and not an intoxication?
Well, they could, but they are also infectable via the spores since there is not gut flora. This is also true in adults on antibiotic theapy.