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How do you describe a colony? (characteristics)
Size, color, elevation, shape, surface appearance, consistancy, odor.
What is confluent growth?
Colonies of growth that all run together.
What is a pure culture?
Media that has only one type of bacteria growing on/in it.
What are isolated colonies?
Bacterial colonies away from, or set apart from other growth or colonies on plated media.
What do you record on Day 1?
The source of the sample, gram stain results, what it was streaked out on (BAP, CNA, MAC).
What is recorded on Day 2?
Colonoy morphology on all plates, presumptive ID, set up confirmatory and sensitivity plates.
What is recorded on Day 3?
Positive ID, sensitivity test results (I,R,S).
What do you use to run a CAMP test?
Staph aureus
What is enriched media?
Media formulated to meet the requirements of fastidious pathogens. They have extra nutrients added (blood, serum, egg).
Give an example of enriched media.
BAP, Chocolate
What is selective media?
Media that contains antibacterial substances that inhibit or kill all but a few types of bacteria. Facilitate isolation of a particular type from a mixed specimen.
Give an example of selective media.
What is differential media?
Media that allows bacteria to be differentiated into groups by biochemical reactions on the medium.
Give an example of differential media.
MAC, Mannitol Salt, BAP
What is enrichment broth?
Liquid media that either contain nutrients that encourage the growth of desired bacteria or contain inhibitory substances that supporess competition.
Give an example of enrichment broth.
Selenit Broth, Trypitic Soy Broth (TSB)
Which plate do you read the hemolysis from?
What Gram - swarms?
What Gram - turns clear agars green?
What Gram - has no growth on MAC?
Is Staph or Strep catalase positive?
Is staph aureus or staph epi coagulase positive?
Staph aureus
Is staph aureus or staph epi MSA positive?
Staph aureus
How do you know if the CAMP test is positive or negative?
Positive has an arrow pointing to the Staph aureus.