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why are sulfonamides not toxic to humans
the mechanism of action for these drugs inhibits the PABA in bacteria that make folic acid for the cell humans cant make there own religh on other sourses
what spacific enzyme is inhibited by sulfonamides
similar to pra-aminobenzoicacid (PABA) functions as a competitive inhibitor of this compound
what antimcobial is often combined ith sulfonamides.
what pacific enzyme is inhibited by Trimethoprim
high afinity for bacterial dihydrofolate reductase
selective toxicity
the drug should kill pathgenic micoorganism but not damage host
two chemotheraputic agens use to treat TB
(INH)or isoniazid and ethambutol
what is the antibotic used with INH and ethambutol for TB
antibiotic rifampicin
what is the mechanisum or action for INH
interfers with cell wall synthesis in mycobaterium by inhibiting the production of mycolic acid
what is the mechanisum of action for Ethambutol
interferes with cell wall synthsis...inhibits icorporation of mycolic acid into mycrobacterial cell wall
what is the primary therputic use of nalidixic acid?
blockeds DNA synthesis in certin geam positive bacteria ( proteus, klebsiella, entrobacter and escherochoa)
mechanisum of action for Nalidixic acid
please see notes its a long one
2000 FDA aproved antibiotic " fist entierly new kind in 35 years
zyvox- linezolid
mechanisum of action for zyvox - linezolid
binds to the 23s ribosomal RNA of the 50s subunit, blocking the formation of the 70's ribosomal initiation complex
Clavulanic acid is sometimes added to semisynthetic penicillin becuase
it inactivates penicillinase
what do penicillin and cephalosporins have in common
penicillin and cephalosporins, have same mechanism what is it?
beta-lactams interfier spacificaly with new bacterial cell wall synthesis during cell division thus the transpeptidation step of peptidoglycan synthesis is inhibited.
what aminoglycoside is avalble in aresol for CF
tobramycin (tobi)
what aminoglycoside is in oitment form for bactirial conjunctivitis.
neosporin has what 3 antibiotics
neomycin, polymyxin B and bacitracin
the wonder drugs quartet
penicillin steptomycin chloramphenicol and tetracycline
tetracyclines restricted in pregant women and babies due to
saining teeth yellow gray brown and stunt bone groth in childern
side effects of tetracyclines
reduce birth control effectivness, increase photosensitivity
long term use of tetracy.knes
kills body normal flora and predisoses to fungal disease such ans candida
legionnaries diseaase treatment
2 alternitves to silvernitrate for prevention of neissera and chlamydia in newborns eyes
erythromycin tetracyclines
what two drugs cause bithdefects
biaxin and zithromax (not recomened for prengate women)
vacomycin large size makes it good only for what type of gram bacteria
gram positive can not penetrat outer membrane of gram-neg bact.
two drugs are in the antibiotic synercid
quinupeiatin and dalfopristin
method of action for synercid
SEE NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!
method of action for rifamycin
inhibits the syntheis of mRNA by binding the procaryotic RNA polmyerase.... binds to the beta-subunit of RNAP and blocks the entry of the first nucleotide, thus blocking mRNA synthesis, it blocks the initiation of transcription
major sidefeect of rifamycin terapy
may cause the urin feces , saliva, sweat and tears to become ornge red color -- evidance that it may cause damage in some patents