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Define cartilage and the components that make up cartilage
def= a dense supportive connective tissue
consists of cells (chondrocytes), fibers, and ground substance
Fibers + ground substance make up the
ECM = extracellular matrix
Cartilage is vascular/ avascular
avascular, no capillary bed
Three types of cartilage
hyaline, fibrocartilage, elastic cartilage
name examples of hyaline cartilage
developing bones, growth pate, articular surfaces, respiratory tract
fibrocartilage can be found in
intravertebral disks, cardiac skeleton, wher some tendons and muscle attach to bone
elastic cartilage can be found in the
epiglottis, pinna (part of your outer ear)
mature cells w/in spaces in the cartilage ECM
-can be single or in isogenous groups
maintain cartilage
differentiated from-
life cycle-
cells that produce cartilage
cartilage matrix
rounded wiht basophili cytoplasm
become chondrocytes once they are surrounded by ECM
space in the ECM occupied by the chondrocyte
What is a valuable clue for identifying cartilage tissue
Chondrocytes do or do not communicate with one another
Do not communicate, are isolated
Ground substance constituents include
Proteoglycan aggregates containing GAGs
Hyaluronic acid in small amounts
Ground substance has an affinity for _____. Proteoglycans absorb ____x their dry wt in interstitial fluid
affinity for water
___charge of GAGs adn proteoglycans aids in resiliency of the tissue (repelling each other)
Negative charge
How do chondrocytes get their needed nutrients?
Chondrocytes depend on diffusion of nutrients and waste products through the extracellular matrix. Cartilage is avascular and chondrocytes do not contact one another
Describe the characteristic of the ECM and how this is intertwined wiht proteoglycan aggregates
The extracellular matrix is sponge-like. The proteoglycan aggregates hold extracellular fluid which can be squeezed in and out of the cartilage
Perichondrium is what type of connective tissue
dense irregular CT surrounding cartilage in some places
The ____layer of the perichondrium is chondrogenic. The ____layer is typical fibrous connective tissue
inner layer is chondrogenic (cells of inner layer are chondroblasts resembling fibroblasts)
outer layer is typical fibrous CT
________is NOT present on articular cartilage
Perichondrium is not identifiable around ______b/c _____is always found with dense connective tissue
Peri means
What are the two types of way cartilage can grow
appositional or interstitial
Describe appositional growth
new cartilage is deposited on the surface of existing cartilage under the perichondrium.
Chondroblasts in the inner layer of the perichondrium become trapped by their own products to become chondrocytes.
Describe interstitial growth
the cartilage tissue can expand from within the tissue.
Chondrocytes within the cartilage can also divide and produce more cartilage.
isogenous groups indicate____growth
Result from division of _____
Seen as clusters of _____
chondrocytes in lacunae
2 or more lacunae in close proximity
Hyaline cartilage
-ECM contains what type of fibers
-has ____staining ground substance
fine collagen fibers (type II)-bot resolvable with LM
ECM has glassy (homogeneous) appearance
Basophilic ground substance
How are chondrocytes found/ organized/ arranged in hyaline cartilage?
Chondrocytes occur singly or in clusters (isogenous groups) and are randomly arranged in hyaline cartilage (with the exception of the zones of the growth plate of growing bone, and the zones of articular cartilage).
Articular cartilage is a specialized type of _____cartilage to reduce friction
hyaline cartilage
Elastic cartilage is found places where flexibility is needed
External ear
Eustacian (auditory) tube
what would differentiate hyaline cartilage of the trachea from elastic cartilage of the epiglottis, when stained with hematoxylin and eosin and viewed with a light microscope?
Difference in the consistency of the extracellular matrix.
(presence of elastic fibers in ECM)
Fibrocartilage has an abundance of ___fibers
large collagen
What is the most abundantly found cartilage in the body
Hyaline cartilage
Will see fibrocartilage develop in
tendons and ligaments and some intervertebral disks
How would you describe the cells of fibrocartilage
rounded cells in lacunae, arranged in rows b/w colagen fibers
How can you distinguish fibrocartilage form dense regular collagenous CT?
look for round cells in lacunae to indentify fibrocartilage
Can find fibrocartilage in __tissues
Look for ____pattern
pubis symphysis
cardiac skeleton
intervertebral disk
cardiac skeleton
The space containing a cartilage cell is called a ___
zoomed in
isogenous groups
isogenous groups- cells bound together
identify this tissue section
growth plate
Find the perichondrium
upper right hand corner of slide
darker stained fibrocartilage
darker stained fibrocartilage