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rubeola properpties
- ss, RNA, enveloped
-HA binds to CD46 (complment component)
-F protein
-effects children
-respiratory droplets
highly infectious
-meningitis and encephalitis, secondary bacterial infections,SSPE (CNS disease), lethal
- viral presentation, IgM ior IgG ( but IgG take 10 and 21 days)
-koplick's sign
-maculopapular rash
-live attenuated MMR vaccine
-passive immunized Ig for ones that have a compromised CMI or children under 1 years old
rubella properties
-+ ss, RNA, linear, Enveloped
-inactivated by the environmental factors
-mainly effects pregnant women and fetus
-german measels= low fever, coryza, cervical and occipital lymphadenopathy
-causes congenital ruibella= CNS, Heart, and Eyes infected
-long infectious cycle,
-infected infant is both a reservoir and host
-maculopapular rash that spreads from the face to the trunk
-Best Id'd by high levels of IgM
-Live attenuated MMR vaccine that can cause problems for HIV patients or any other individual that has low CMI
-rash develops due to formation of immune complex
B19 propeties
- or + ss, DNA, naked
-causes fifth disease
-binds to globoside also called the P-antigen and this is the receptor protein located on the eryhtropoetic cells
-absolute requirement for the rapidly dividing cells, like immune cells or erythropoetic cells
-slapped cheek rash
-lacy endothelial rash
-erythem infectiosum
-can cause aplastic anemic event
-main way to ID is show the S&S of 5th disease
-IgG and IgM
-mainly effects elementary age kids and the parents of the kids that have the B19 infections
-no vaccine, however infection with B19 will give you life long immunity
what is the main differnce between B19 and Rubella when it comes to the infants
rubella causes many congenital complications but B29 will cause hydrops fetalis or spontaneous abortion, so it is absolutely necessary to diagnose any B19 infections
gamma virus genus
herpes 6 virus
-ds, linear, enevloped virus
-buds of the nuclear membrane
-the infected cells are much larger than the non-infected cells
-infects humans
-mainly 6-12 months old at risk
-spreads via respiratory droplets
-causes erythema subitum or rubeolla
-rash usually due to imune complex and hypersensitivity
-infantile fever= just fever no rash
-most common cause of infantile exanthem
-usually long life infections
-no vaccine
-infection provides long lasting immunity
-mainly diagnosed with the presentation of the disease but that's at a time when the child has already begun to heal
-no comlications
differnce between rash cause by measels and strep pyogenes
pyo= scarlet fever, strwberry tongue, and pastia lines, and sand paper feel
measels= discrete rash, maculopapular rash