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organism in gas gangrene
clostridium perfringens
c perfringens is gram .....
c perfringes need an aerobic or anaerobic environment
what organism is in brucellosis
what is brucellosis
infection that causes infectious abortions in farm animals and fever in humans. treated with doxy.
what's the fatality rate bubonic plague
what's the infectious organism in lyme's diseases
borrelia burgdorferi, spirochete
how do humans get lyme's disease
tick bite
what is bullseye rash indicitive of and what is it's name
lyme's disease, EMR erythema migrans rash
what is the other name for epstein barr virus
human herpesvirus 4 HHV4
what disease can epstein barr virus cause
infectious mononucleosis
what kind of cells does epstein-barr virus affect
b cell (b-lymphocytes) - wbc's that produce antibodies
gram positive BLS-SEC (basic life support and security exchange commission) are positive things
bacillus listeria staph strep enterococcus clostridium
what is lipid A
endotoxin released from dying gram negative bacteria
2 examples of gram negative nosocomials
pseudomonas aeruginosa and neisseria meningitidis
what is complement
set of serum proteins that trigger inflammation and fever to lyse foreign cells
how is complement activated
antibodies/antigen or pathogen-activated
what's a cytokine
proteins that release chemical signals to other cells
what is occult septicemia
septicemia that ha