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What is a frontier?
An area of land that has not been explored yet
What is a tax? Give examples
A tax is money paid to the government for certain playing cards, newspapers, calendars
Explain why the American Revolution began?
The colonists and the British fought because of the taxes the King made the colonists pay..July 4, 1776 Freedom!
Who was Henry Hamilton?
Commander of Fort Detroit... gave the indians gifts to help fight against the colonists
Who was Jean de sable?
First black American to live in the Great lakes area..thought to be a spy for the colonists
Why is Fort St. Joseph important?
It is a fort that had 4 different flags...France, Great Britain, Spain, USA
What is a territory?
Land that belongs to a country but is not a state of that country( like England controlling our land)
Who are pioneers?
One of the first people to move into a frontier area.
What was the Treaty of Greenville?
A chief named Bad Bird promised that the indians would no longer fight the Americans.
Who was Anthony Wayne?
A General who fought the indians in Ohio and won after 1 hour.
What was The Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
A law that stated that the Northwest territory would be divided into states
Who was William Hull?
Michigan's first territorial governor
Who was Augustus Woodward?
The man who designed Detroit
Who was Tecumseh?
An Indian chief who organized other indians to fight back because they didn't want to sell their land to the Michigan territory.
What was The Treaty of Saginaw?
Indians had to give up their land but were paid for it in items like Silver, guns, pots.