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What is the geography of Michigan?
The U.P. has small mountains (minerals) and rolling hills. It is 90% trees. The L.P. is 50 % trees and has much flat land (farming). Michgian is surrounded by four huge Great Lakes.
What is a boundary?
A boundary is a line that shows where one place ends and another begins.
What is a peninsula?
A peninsula is land that has water on three sides.
What is a strait?
It is a narrow channel of water that connects two larger bodies of water.
What is a glacier?
Glaciers are huge sheets of ice. During the Ice Age (50,000 BCE)they were more than a mile thick.
What is a drumlin?
Drumlins are small egg- shaped hills.
What is an ecosystem?
All the living and nonliving things in an area.
Why do you think many of Michigan's cities grew up on rivers?
When the cities were created the easiest way to travel was by water.
Why is it important to remember that you are part of an ecosystem?
If you disrupt one part of an ecosystem, all of the other parts are affected.