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A large fleet of ships, especially warships.
An official document giving a person permission to do something, such as settle in an area.
The money remaining after the costs of a business have been paid.
Shares of ownership in a company
cash crop
A crop that is grown to be sold for profit.
indentured servant
A person who agreed to work for someone in colonial America for a fixed amount of time in ordert to pay for the ocean voyage.
House of Burgesses
The law making body of Colonial Virginia, extablished in Jamestown in 1619.
May Flower Compact
An agreement the Pilgrims made before landing in New England to ame and obey just and equal laws.
A town in southeastern Virginia; the first permanent English settlement in North America.
The leader of chief of any group of Native Americans in the Eastern Woodland and Great Lakes regions.
Main Wampanoag sachem who made a peace agreement with the Pilgrims at Plymouth
Pawtuxet Native American who helped the Pilgrims at Plymouth to survive.
Wamponoag sachem who was among those who first met the Pilgrims at Plymouth.
William Bradford
Governor of the Plymouth Colony beginning in 1621.
Miles Standish
English army captain at Plymouth who helped defend the Pilgrim colony.
New England
Northeastern region of the United States, containing the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
A town in southeastern Massachusetts, founded by the pilgrims in 1620
Queeen Elizabeth 1
Queen of England during the founding of the Roanoke colony and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
Sir Walter Raleigh
English explorer, historian and soldier who started two unsuccessful colonies at Roanoke Island.
King Phillip II
King of Spain during the English defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.
Roanoke Island
An island of the coast of North Caroline, the site of the Lost Colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh
Hudson River
A tidal river in eastern New York that empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
Chief Powhatan
Chief of the Powhatan who helped the English settlement at Jamestown.
John Smith
English army captain who strict discipline helped the Jamestown settlement to survive.
Daughter of Chief Powhatan who marriage to John Rolfe lead to the Peache of Pocahontas from 1614 to 1617.
Cape Cod
A pennisula in southeastern Massachusetts, enclosing Cape Code Bay.
Powhatan chief who led one of the last major Native American gattles against the english in Virginia in 1622.
Chsapeake Bay
A long arm of the Atlantic Ocean surrouned by Maryland and Virginia.
Northwest Passage
A water route believed to flow through North America to Asia that European explorers searched for from teh 1500's to the `1700's.
Henry Hudson
English explorer who searched for a Northwest Passage through North America beginning in 1609
John Cabot
Italia sea captain in the service of England who was the first European to explore North America in search of a Northwet Passge.
Giovanni da Verrazano
Italian sea captain in the service of France who searched for a Northwest Passage.
Jacques Cartier
French explorer who became the first European to navigate the ST. Lawrence River in 1535.
Samuel de Champlain
Explorer and founder of Quebec, the first permanent French settlement in North American in 1608. He is known as the father of the New France.