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What are the 3 main parts of Collin's Profile of Great Organizations?
1. Disciplined People (starts w/people)
2. Disciplined Thought (how to foster philosophy in work place)
3. Disciplined Action
According to Collin's profile of Great Organizations, what are 2 important areas concerning disciplined people?
Level 5 Leadership (professional will and humanity)- leaders that are participating, collaboration

First Who Than What (hiring,recruiting)
- the right people are your best, most important asset
In Collin's Profile of Great Organizations, under disciplined thought, what is the hedgehog concept and what do they mean by confront the brutal facts?
Hedgehog concept (understanding what u r good at)
- what you are deeply passionate about, what u can be the best in the world at, what drives u'r economic engine

Confront the brutal facts
- dialogue and debate, conducting autopsies, creating red flag mechanisms
Under Disciplined Action in Collin's profile of great organizations-- discuss culture of discipline and technology accelerators
Culture of Discipline
-implementation, action (adherence to the hedgehog concept)

Technology Accelerators
- how to utilize technology to create more productive employees (accelerate momentum)
The flywheel and the Doom Loop
--> consistency and sustaining positive changes
What is Total Quality Management (TQM)?
--> Refers to a set of methods and tools that are used to help organizations better manage business processes in order to enhance quality, productivity, customer satisfaction
-Process orientation
-Cross-functional teams
-Customer Focus
-Investment in ongoing employee training
-Employee empowerment
--> all of these are elements of what?
Elements of Effective TQM Program
-Encourage Open Communication
-Data-based decision making
-Continuous improvement
-A quality-driven culture

--> all of these are elements of what?
Elements of Effective TQM Program
What are 6 outcomes of TQM initiatives?
- Increased productivity
- High customer satisfaction & retention
- Greater profitability
- Shorter product design cycles
- Reduced cost
- Fewer defects
Define strategy
--> a broad plan of action ("roadmap") for pursuing and acheiving the firm's objectives and satisfying its mission
Why is strategy important?
b/c it aligns an organization w/ its external environment (how to understand environment and how to adapt to it)
What are the 8 steps in the strategic planning process?
1. Define Mission
2. Perform an external environment scan
3. Perform an internal environment scan
4. Develop strategic objectives to support mission
5. Develop strategies to support strategic objectives
6. Develop operational goals and strategies
7. Implement Strategic Plan
8. Evaluate results and modify as needed
What is the outcome of step 2 (perform an external environ scan) in the strategic planning process?
ID opportunities and threats that can damage or harm organization
What is the outcome of step 3 (perform an internal environ. scan) of the strategic planning process?
ID organizational strengths and weaknesses
What are Bossidy and Charon's 3 key points about execution?
- execution is a discipline
- execution is the job of the business leader
- execution has to be in the culture ("get things done")
According to Bossidy and C, what are the 5 Diagnostic Q's for Conducting a Strategy?
- how well versed is each business unit team about the competition?
- How strong is the organizational capability to execute the strategy? (is this a strength or a weakness)
- Is the plan scattered or sharply focused on key objectives?
- Are we choosing the right ideas? (reevaluate)
- Are the links w/ people and operations clear?
What is the primary objective of Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard?
translates an organization's strategic plan into a set of specific performance measures
What are the 4 parts of Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard?
1. Planning and target setting
2. Strategic Feedback and Learning
3. Clarifying and translating the vision and strategy
4. Communicating and Linking
What are the 4 perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard?
1. Financial
2. Customer
3. Internal Business Process
4. Learning and growth
What are the 12 General Guidelines for Effective Strategic Planning?
- include everyone u need to carry out your plan
- work collaboratively w/ those outside your work area whose help u need
- schedule a full-day retreat for the meeting
- document your plan
- make it as simple as possible
- develop an action plan for each strategic objective
- keep the process alive by updating it continuously
- make sure your plan fits in w/ senior management goals
- don't undertake too much- prioritize your objectives
- keep your plan visual
- communicate the strategic plan down the line
- create an accountability document
What is organizational effectiveness?
degree to which an organization achieves its goals, maintains its health, secures resources needed for survival, and satisfies parties that have a stake in it
What are 4 approaches to assessing organizational effectiveness?
- Goal assessment
- Internal process assessment
- systems resource assessment
- strategic constituencies assessment