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Treatment of osteomylelitis?
Bone resection and antimicrobial therapy
Pathogenesis of hemotogenous osteomyelitis?
Bacteremia, deposition w/in sinusoidal vein initiates inflammatory response
Pathology of hemotogenous osteomyelitis?
Necrosis, abscess, spread of infection to subperiosteal space, then to joint space or sinus tract to cutaneous surface
Risk factors for hemotogenous osteomyelitis?
Hemoglobinopathies, RES inability to phagocytose, chronic granulomatous disease of childhood, preexisting infections or IV access
Pathophysiology of Continuous focus osteomyelitis?
Adjacent infection of soft tissue, devitalized bone, presence of foreign bodies, boe instability
Pathogenesis of Vascular insufficiency associated with osteomyelitis?
Diabetes of generalized severe stherosclerotic disease, neuropathy, vasculopathy, tissue necrosis with subsequant infection
Microbial virulence of Staph aureus?
Intracellular survival, adherence, inflammatory response mediators, most common pathogen
Microbial virulence of Strep and Gram negative bacilli?
Endotoxins, acute inflammatory response mediators
Salmonella is associated with?
Sickle cell anemia
Pseudomonas is associated with?
I.V. drug users
Pyogenic/septic Arthritis?
monoarticular, usually hematogenous in origen, acute synovial inflammation and cartilage damage(destruction if untreaded)
Pathogens in native joint with Pyogenic/septic Arthritis?
early/preadolescent: S. aureus, streptococci, G-R
Adolescent and young adults: gonococus
Pathogens in prosthetic joint with Pyogenic/septic Arthritis?
Early onset: S. aureus, coagulase negative staph, GNR
Late onset: CNS, Strep, GNR
Causes of post infectious/inflammatory arthritis?
Deposition(bact antigen, exotoxin, immune complex, IG, comp), crystal deposition disease, foriegn body, Hemarthrosis