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What was the point of the video "Broadcast News" (with Holly Hunter)?
example of the "strongman" leadership style where one leads by commanding and inducing fear
Transactor Leadership Style
Lead by reward
what was the point of the movie "Moby Dick"
example of a transactor. the captain offered a gold coin as a reward if the crew caught the whale
Remember the Titans
Example of transactor leadership style (Denzel Washington). The team would come together for the reward of victory.
Fed-Ex example
explained the transactor style
Visionary Hero
leads by creating a visior for the organization. People follow because they are emotionally committed
MLK Jr's I Have A Dream Speech
example of a visionary hero
Contemporary leadership style because it creates self-leaders
Movie: Hoosiers
superleader. the head coach purposely got kicked out of game so the asst. coach (recovering alcoholic) would lead game and step up.
is the a correct leadership style?
No, whatever works best for you
Ryan Homes: Example of Steven Jobs (creator of apple/pixar)
he is an example of a catalyst
someone who "exceeds the bar"
3 types of people on a team
1. don't want the ball.
2. want the ball and shouldn't have it
3. want the ball and should have it (catalyst)
characteristics of a catalyst
intuitive, communicative, passionate, creative, initiating, responsible, generous, influential
4 Leadership Styles
1. strongman
2. transactor
3. visionary hero
4. superleader