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Who is Deborah Tannen?
Author of book Dealing with Men/Women convo
Direct vs indirect speech
Direct: to the point
Indirect: generalizing
Direct vs indirect orgins
Direct-individualistic (US,UK,Aust)
Indirect- Collectivist
Symbolic interaction
Use of Symbols to convey meaning/ Can be ambiguous because of inability to find common ground
Persuasive Comm elements
Source Credibility (Expertise, Trustworthiness)
Similarity to audience (Values and Fact~expertise)
Persuasive char of msg
both sides should be presented (most recent is better)/favorable surr/overheard/nonverbal
persuasive char of aud
hard to influence high or low intelligent people
Latitude of acceptance
range of attitudes favorable to own (will accept)/ if really smart better to be way out there
Supportive Comm (def)
Avoids defensiveness
Supportive char
Specific, problem oriented, flexible, owned
must show empathy
Expressed empathy
listener restates and summarizes
Implied empathy
listen trys to see what subconscious reasons are
Effective listening char
1. Look for areas of interest
2. Overlook errors of delivery/personal mannerisms
3. postpone judgment until central pt understood
4. listen for ideas and identify main points
5. take notes
6. actively responsive
7. resist distractions
8. challenge minds to learn difficult material
9. capitalize on mind speed
10. assist speaker by clarifying info
Confrontive Resp
challenge other to clarify
diverting respon
try to change focus
ask for add't clarification
reduce emotion and calm source
restate in diff words
nonverbal comm
phys dist, posture, face cues, vocal cues, appearance
distance b/w people, farther from CEO, close to people we like
rigid with uncomfortable
facial cues
less eye contact given by people of authority
women are more effective at reading this