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define materials requirment planning
computer bases info system that translates the finished product requirements of the master schedule into time-phased requirements for subassemblies.
Independant demand
items must be carried on a continual basis
Dependant demand
Demand for items are lumpy, items need only be sticked just prior to the time they will be neeed in the production process.
3 inputs for MRP
Master schedule
bill of materials
inventory records
List some outputs of MRP
planned order schedules
order releases
performance control reports
planning reports
exception reports
Define Master schedule
aka master production schedule
states which end items are to be produced when they are needed and in what quantities.
Define cumulative lead time
the sum of lead times that sequential phases of a process require, from ordering of parts or raw materials to completion of final assembly
Define bill of materials
one of three primary inputs of MRP; a listing of all of the raw materials, parts, subassemblies, and assumblies needed to produce one unit of a product.
Define product structure tree
visual depiction of the requirments in a bill of materials, where all components are listed by levels.
Define inventory records
one of the three primary inputs in MRP, includes into on the status of each item by time period.
2 methods for updating MRP
regenerative system
net-change system
Define Planned order
schedule indicating the amt an timing of future orders
Define order releases
authorization for the execution of planned orders
Define changes
revisions of due dates or der quantities, or cancellations of orders.
Define exception reports
data on any major desrepancies encountered.
regenerative system
approach that updates MRP records periodically
net-change system
approach that updates MRP records continuously
important requirements of MRP
A computer and necessary software
accurate and up to date master scheds bills of materials, and inventory records
integrity of file data
define MRPII
Manufacturing Resources planning: expanded approach to production resource planning, involving other areas of a firm in the planning process and enabling capacity requirements planning.
What is ERP
Enterprise resorce planning: entegration of financial, manufacturing, and human resources on a single computer system.