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Nomadic hunters entered the land that is now called Mexico by what year?
20,000 B.C.
What are some examples of problems in this volatile region?
Volanoes and Earthquakes
What did nomadic hunters encounter when they arrived in this area that is now present day New Mexico?
Temerate Climate and five shallow interconnected lakes
What did the nomadic hunters grow that is still part of the Mexican diet?
Beans, Corn, and Chilipeppers
What made this area capable of supporting a large urban population?
The availability of water
When was Teotihuacan established as the center of the first great Mexican culture and how many sq miles did it cover?
200 BC; 12 sq miles
What does Teotihuancan mean and how many inhabitants were there?
"City of the Gods"; 1/4 million inhabitants
By what century was Teotihuacan overrun by hostile tribes and abandoned?
6th Century
What are two famous Mayan citites?
Chichen-Itza and Palenque
What was the Maya divided into and who were they ruled by?
city-states; priest kings