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What bodies of water border Mexico?
The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean border Mexico.
What are maquiladoras?
Maquiladoras are factories that assemble parts made in other countries.
What is a colony?
A colony is an overseas territory.
What are subsistence farms?
Subsistence farms are small farms where farmers grow only enough food to feed their families.
What is altitude?
Altitude is height above sea level.
What is latitude?
Latitude is the location north or south of the Equator.
What is Mexico's most important natural resource?
Oil is Mexico's most important natural resource.
What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate?
Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day the Mexicans defeated the French army in 1862.
What is smog?
Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog: air pollution.
When did Mexico win its independence from Spain?
Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821.
What is a peninsula?
A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water.
What European country colonized Mexico?
Mexico was colonized by Spain.
What is the large, flat center of Mexico called?
The large, flat center of Mexico is called the Plateau of Mexico.
What are service industries?
Service industries are businesses that provide service to people such as banks or dry cleaners.
What are the Sierra Madre?
The Sierra Madre are Mexico's three mountain ranges.
What is a land bridge?
A land bridge is a narrow strip of land that joins two larger land masses.
Where is Mexico?
Mexico is south of the United States. It is on a land bridge connecting North and South America.
What type of government does Mexico have?
Mexico is a federal republic.
Where do more than half of Mexico's people live?
More than half of Mexico's people live in the central region.
Name an achievement of the ancient Maya?
The Maya developed the concept of zero, they built temples in the shape of pyramids, they became great astronomers.
What is a basin?
A basin is a broad, flat lowland surrounded by higher land.
How would you describe most of Mexico's climate?
Most of Mexico's climate is tropical or desert.
What are three agricultural products grown in Mexico?
Mexico grows coffee, rice, sugarcane, and fruit.
Most Mexicans are what religion?
Most Mexicans are Roman Catholics.
What is Mexico's favorite sport?
Soccer is Mexico's favorite sport.
What is a fiesta?
Fiesta means feast day in Spanish.
What is adobe?
Adobe is sun-dried clay brick.
Which Native American people created advanced civilizations in Mexico?
The Mayans and Aztecs created advanced civilizations in Mexico.
How many states are there in Mexico?
Mexico has 31 states.
What are plantations?
Plantations are large farms that raise a single crop for money.