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What is the Spike Worm?
A huge worm, living in Brinstar that attack with spikes it sheds off of its body.
Which area does the Spike worm live in?
What is the Acid Worm?
Said to be known as the rival of the spike worm, this creature is a bit more smart than the other worm.
Which area does the Acid Worm live in?
What is Kraid?
A huge dinosaur with sharp claws and three spikes that shoot out of his stomach.
What happend when Samus beat Kraid?
Half of the tunnel to Tourian opened up.
How many eyes does Kraid have?
Where does Kraid live?
In a place called Kraid.
What is the Vegitation Insect Larva?
A larva that has plant like tenticals that can suck energy from its prey.
Where was the Vegitation Insect Larva?
Where did the Vegitation Insect hatch from the Larva?
In a place called Ridley.
What is the Vegitation Insect?
A huge bee like creture that is very fast.
What is Ridley?
Said to be the rival of Kraid, this creature is Samus's true rival.
How does Ridley attack?
It uses his tail and his fire breath.
What happens when Samus beats Ridley?
The whole tunnel to Tourian is opened.
How many tails does Kraid have?
Where is Mother Brain?
In Tourian.
How many eyes does Mother Brain have?
What form is Mother Brain?
An oversized Brain?
Why is Mother Brain the Zebesian Space Pirate Leader?
Because she controls all of their Mother Ships and Weapons.
What happens when Samus beats Mother Brain?
She most escape from tourian because it's about to blow.
Where are the Metroids?
In Tourian.
Why are the Metroids on the way to Mother Brain?
Because they know Samus is coming and they want to kill her.
Where is --------,the Chozo Leader?
In Chozodia.
Where, in Chozodia, is the Chozo Defence Bot?
In the top of the Space Pirate Control Structure.