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How was the Parasite Queen created?
Scientists evolved certain DNA.
What is the Parasite Queen's tail used for?
Either a battle tool or used for offspring.
Why does the Parasite Queen want to kill Samus?
It has been inside of a test cage so long, that now that it's free, it's furious.
What is the War Wasp Machine used for?
Stopping Chozo Ruin attackers such as the Zebesian Space Pirates.
What is at the core of the War Wasp Machine?
5 missiles.
Why does the War Wasp Machine attack Samus?
It's just programmed to attack any intruders.
What are the leaders of the Sand Beetles called?
The Armored Bettles.
What is the Armored Bettle's weak spot?
Its abdomen.
What is the only way that the Armored Beetle attacks Samus?
By charging.
Why does the Armored Beetle try to kill Samus?
As soon as a form of beetle senses an enemy with it super-sensitive skin, it comes out of the ground to attack.
What is the Pyro Droid's strongest attack strategy?
Burning the War Wasp Hive above its head to get the War Wasps to attack its enemy.
What is the Pyro Droid's weak spot?
Its thermal camera.
Why does the Pyro Droid try to kill Samus?
It is programmed to kill all enemies it sees.
Why does Flaagra poison the waters of the Chozo Ruins?
Now that the Chozos are dead, Flaagra takes over poisoning the water because its only obstical is Samus. The water is poisoned because of the chemicals Flaagra gives off.
What is the Chozo's description of Flaagra?
"He who poisons the water seeks the sun."
What is Flaagra's weak spot?
Its internal flesh.
Why does Flaagra want to kill Samus?
It wants to live.
When Flaagra feels very harmed, what does he do?
Goes into its defence flower.
Are Baby Sheegoths nocturnal or diurnal?
It depends on when they are disturbed. If they sense vibrations, they will get the bottom half of their body out of the snow and attack.
What is Sheegoth's weak spot?
Its stomach.
Why does Sheegoth want to kill Samus?
Because Samus killed her babies.
When is Sheegoth stationary?
Ater it breathes ice.
What visors do you need to see Thardus's weak spots?
The Thermal and Combat Visor.
What is Thardus?
Big boulders clumped together by Phazon radiation and energy.
Why is Thardus most like Samus?
He has the same form of attacks.
Why does Thardus want to kill Samus?
Samus woke it from its rest.
What visor do you need to see the Chozo Ghosts at all times?
The X-Ray Visor.
Why do the Chozo Ghosts want to kill Samus?
They have turned evil once their ruins were taken over.
What are Metroids?
Jellyfish type life forms that float around looking for enemies. Bred by scientists, these creatures have evolved to more forms such as the Omega Metroid. The more a Metroid sucks enrgy out out of enemies through its teeth, tenticals, etc., it grows bigger.
Why does the Elite Pirate want to kill Samus?
Obvious! The Elite Pirate is Part of the Zebesian Space Pirates Race! Their Main goal is to exterminate Samus for universal domination!
What is the Elite Pirate?
The Elite Pirate is simply a Space Pirate. With technology level matching those of the Chozos equiped to its body.
Why does the Dynamo Droid want to kill Samus?
It is programmed by the Space Pirates to stop Samus from stopping them from furthereing their schemes.
What is the Dynamo Droid weak to, and why?
Wave beam, because it causes its vision waves to mess up.
What is the Phazon Elite?
An Elite Space pirate with Phazon Technology equiped to its body.
Is the Omega Pirate smaller than Samus?
No, in fact, it is at least three times as big!
What is the Omega Pirates weak spot?
The shootable organ on the outside of his skin.
What is the Omega Space Pirate?
The main leader besides Mother Brain.
What are the three reasons why Meta-Ridley wants to kill Samus?
1. Samus has beat Ridley before and now Ridley wants revenge.
2. The Space Pirate Worship Ridley so he'll kill Samus.
3. The mechanics that Ridley had been enhanced with when she died programmed her to fully obey the Space Pirates.
What is Meta-Ridley?
A dinosaur type creature, the only of its kind, worshiped by the Space Pirates. At death, Ridley was reborn into Meta-Ridley.
Where did Ridley come from?
This is unknown. However, Ridley now lives in a place in Brinstar called Ridley.
What is the Metroid Prime's first form?
The Metroid Prime Shell.
What is the Metroid Prime?
A huge Metroid that attemps to kill any moving thing it sees. This Metroid is so big thanks to Phazon and easy-to-kill-enemies.
What Virsors do you need to beat the Metroid Prime?
All four.
Is the Metroid Prime the strongest Metroid to ever exist?
No, the Omega Metroid is stronger.