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What is the purpose of the spin pad method of carpet shampooing?
to surface clean or spot clean carpet
Name another method of carpet shampooing?
Extraction or Steam Cleaning
What is the purpose of extraction or steam cleaning a carpet?
to clean the whole carpet; to deep clean
What do you do first before you shampoo the carpet?
Look over the area;
move obstacle; vacuum the carpet.
Besides a vacuum cleaner, how else can you clean the edges and corners of a carpet?
by using a plastic fiber broom
What does pre spot the carpet mean?
Look for gum, tar, or really dirty spots and focus on these areas first.
T or F
Do you have to wipe off the baseboards?
What kind of rule do you have to review before you begin carpet shampooing?
Safety Rules and Regulations
How often should spin pads or bonnet shampoo pads be turned over?
Often or frequently
What does prime the spray tank mean?
to build up pressure in the tank by pumping
How should you apply solution to the carpet?
Never operate the floor machinery if the solution tanks are______________.
Be careful when emptying the spray tanks. High pressure in the tank could cause the liquid to suddenly __________.
What does the Host method of carpet shampoo mean?
to use dry, granular powder to clean the carpet