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What height does the Troposphere extend to?
36090 ft OR approx 12Km
What height does the Stratosphere extend to?
Approx 50Km
Is the Tropopause higher over the equator or the poles?
The tropopause is higher over the equator.
Where is 75% of water in the atmosphere contained?
The Troposphere
Where is 99% of water contained?
The Troposphere and the Stratosphere
Is the stratosphere stable or unstable?
How high does the Mesosphere go and how low does the temperature fall to?
85Km high and temperature as low as -93°C.
How high does the Thermosphere go and how high does the temperature rise to?
600Km high and temperature as high as +1727°C.
Are Low's and High's Stable or Unstable?
Low's are Unstable.
High's are Stable.
Which direction do depressions travel and what kind of pressure gradient do they have?
Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere with a steep pressure gradient.
What direction does the wind blow in Depressions and Anticyclones?
Depressions are Clockwise,
Anticyclones are Anticlockwise.