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What latitude band does tropical met study?
30°N to 30°S
What is Global Circulation and how many cells does it consist of?
The global movement of air which restores a balance of heat on earth.
(Three Cell Model)
Name cells of global circulation and their latitudes:
Hadley Cell. Equator to 30°
Ferrel Cell. 30° to 60°
Polar Cell. 60° to Pole.
What are the doldrums?
Convergence of the trade winds from both hemispheres near the equator.
What latitude are the prevailing westerlies?
30° and 60° North and South.
What is a polar front?
The area where to cold polar easterlies clash with the warm westerly flow of the mid-latitudes.
What are the four belts beginning at the equator?
Equitorial Low (ITCZ),
Subtropical High 20°-35°,
Subpolar Low 50°-60°,
Polar High