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The blizzard of 1993 paralyzed the eastern seaboard with dangerous winds and accumulating snow. Where did the heaviest snow fall with respect to the center of low pressure?
North west
Were the isobars surrounding the low pressure closely packed or widely spaced? What does this mean?
Closely packed, and it means they were strong.
Fortunately, all the weather forecast offices predicted there would be a blizzard with close to two feet of snow. Therefore, everyone was prepared for a snowstorm of mammoth proportions. Is this an accurate statement?
Did the jet stream play any role in the blizzard of 1993? Explain.
All of the jet streams were forced into one and fed the blizzard, which made it continue to dump snow all over.
An extremely large body of air whose properties of temperature and humidity are fairly similar in any horizontal direction at any given altitude is called what?
Air mass.
A cold, shallow air mass would be called what?
A warm, deep air mass would be called what?
How does snow pack interact with an air mass moving southward from Canada?
helps it keep it's intensity
If I drive across a flooded road when no one is watching it's alright...isn't it?
An air mass is cold and dry. What are it's abbreviations?
A front that moves less than 5 mph is called a _______ front.
A front that marks the edge of colder, drier air is called a ______ front.
A front that marks the edge of warmer, moister air is called a ______ front.
A ___ _____ marks the boundary between moist and dry air.
dry line
There are at least four ways to tell when a front has passed.
1. Wind shift
2. Temp change
3. Humidity change
4. Pressure change
The development of or strengthening of a cyclone.
This mechanism causes perfect divergence aloft by increasing the wind speed aloft. This mechanism is called a ___ _______.
jet stream
Name at least 2 techniques/methods forecasters use when trying to make a forecast.
A cyclone develops in stages. There are 6 of these stages that we identify.
1. Stationary __/\__/\__/\
\/ \/ \/
2. Frontal Wave
3. Warm sector, Latent energy
4. Cold front is catching the warm front.
5. Losing latent energy
6. It is gone and may start anew.
When models agree, __________ is high. And vica versa.
Ensemble forecast is...
running several models with slightly different initial information.
Persistence forecast is..
future weather will be the same as the present.
Trend is...
surface systems will move in the same direction, at the same speed, as they have been moving, providing no evidence exists to counter that.
Analogue is..
based on experience from past event. "I've seen it before and this is what happened."
Statistical/probability example is...
20% chance of rain.
Weather types---climatoligicial
see cold air pooling in Siberia and know cold air will in KY in about 2 weeks...long range forecasting.
desert will be dry, Ky will be hot and humid in summer.
weather happening now.
_____ _____ plays a key role in cyclogenesis.
wind aloft
What region of the country does my thesis cover?
Southern Appalachians
Why are the southern appalachians so susceptible to flash flooding? Name two reasons.
1. The Atlantic ocean lies east to the region.
2. The Gulf of Mexico lies to the south.
How do you calculate dew point depression?
Temperature minus dewpoint.
Stage 1 of Air mass T-storms
Cumulus stage, dominated by rising air.
Stage 2 of Air mass T-storms
Mature stage, downdraft develops, storm is most intense.
Stage 3 of Air mass T-storms
Dying, dominated by down drafts.
______ makes a thunderstorm a thunderstorm.
Severe thunderstorms have winds of __ mph or greater.
Hail ___" or greater in diameter
Typically dew points need to be greater than __ degrees.
A supercell is a
storm that rotates significantly.
A downburst..
can have winds greater than 100 mph and come with little or no warning.
30,000 degrees farenheit, and is 5 times hotter than the sun.
Heat lightning is...
far enough away, you cant hear the thunder.
Tornadoes are rated by the _______ ______.
Figita Scale (F0--F5)
A tornadoe outbreak is..
6 + tornadoes in a small area. (central KY, for example)
April 3-4, 1974: Super tornado outbreak, ____ tornadoes across ___ states.
148, 13
A _______ trough has closely spaced isobars
In the cool season storms, __________ of air from the Gulf and Atlantic is critical. However, in the warm season __________ is not as critical.
What kind of precipitation was forecasted for the Feb 98 snowstorm?
Closely spaced isobars create...
Warm season floods are different than cold season, how?
warm season had specific locations, while cold season floods were very broad scale.