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Types of Sedimentary Rocks
Clastic, chemical, organic
Clastic Rocks
GRAVEL - breccia, conglomerate - SAND - sandstone, SILT - siltstone, CLAY - Claystone
3 types of Chemical Sedimentary Rock
CARBONTES -limestone, CHERT, EVAPORITES - gypsum, halite
Organic Sedimentary Rocks
Types of Coal
Peat, Lignite, Sub bituinous, Bituminous
Sedimentary Structures
Bedding, Crossbedding, Graded Bedding, Mudcracks, Ripple Marks, Fossils
Thick body of rock that is distinctive from surrounding rock units
Where Sedimentary rocks formed
Clastical - terrestial, Carbonates - in ocean or close to it
Changes during Metamorphism
Recrystallization, Neomorphism, Metasomatism
Minerals grow into larger crystals of the mineral - limestone to marble
minerals recrystalize into new minerals composed of the same element - mud to garnet
Elements are added and taken away- resulting in a chemically different compostion & new minerals
Characteristics of Metamorphic rocks controlled by
Composition of Parent rock-protolith; temp & pressure conditions; fluids h2o, co2;Time
Pressure on the rock
Lithostatic pressure - 1 kbar - like water pressure on diver, Differential pressure
2 types of Differential Pressure
Compressive stress - flattens out perpendicular to stress; Shearing - flattens out parallel to stress
Types of Metamorphism
Contact - occurs next to igneous pluton - bakezone; Regional metamorphism - really deep - under mountain ranges
Metamorphic Textures
Foliation - parallel alignment of platy mineral grains, Non Foliated - minerals do not line up in layers
Metamorphic Grade
Degree to which rocks have been metamorphised- how much temp & pressure put on it
Metamorphic Facies
all metamorphic rocks that formed under the same temp & pressure conditions
Index minerals for Metamorphic Rock
chlorite, biotite, garnet, staurolite