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Glycolysis regulation: major enzyme
-ATP, citrate
Liver: ^ cAMP, v F2,6BP
Muscle: ^ CAMP, ^ F2,6BP
Glycolysis reg: minor enzymes
Pyruvate kinase, Pyruvate dehydrogenase, hexokinase, glucokinase (liver only)
Pyr. kinase reg of g-colysis
Liver: -cAMP dep de(P)
All: +F1,6BP
Pyr DH reg of g-colysis
+CoA, NAD+
-acetyl CoA, NADH
-non cAMP dep (P)
Gneogen.: where and major control
-liver, kidney: mito and cytosol
-Major: F1,6B(P)tase
+ATP, citrate
Gneo: minor controls
pyr carboxylase + acetyl CoA
glycogen: important enzymes
glyc phosphorylase and synthase
glycogen phosphorylase
-active with cAMP dependent phosphorylation via (P)ase kinase
^ Ca2+ activates kinase
glycogen synthase
-inactive with cAMP dependent (P)ation
^Ca2+ increases (P)ation
Fatty acid degradation: location and important steps
-Malonyl CoA inhibits carnitine acyl xferase I
-hormone sensitive TG lipase in adipose + cAMP dep (P)ation
FA synthesis: location and major parts
-acetyl CoA carboxylase
-palmitoyl CoA
-cAMP dep (P)ation
FA: cholesterol: location and enzyme
HMG-CoA reductase
-cAMP dep (P)ation
FA: Ketogenesis: location and enzyme
liver, mito
HMG-CoA synthase