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First Law of Thermodynamics
energy can neither created or destroyed.

energy is simply converted from one form to another.
lowering of body temp. below 35 degrees C (95 degrees F)
all five factor operate through feedback mechanisms...which include?
-chemoreceptors(glucose & insulin)
-peptide(N.P Y & galanin)
-neural signals
Hypothermia is induced by?
-overwhelming cold stress
-metabolic diseases
-adrenal insufficiency
Five factors in sensing and regulating hunger:
1. neural signals from GI tract
2. blood borne signals related to energy stores
3. body temperature
4. psychological factors
5. leptin (thought to be the overall satiety signal)
Metabolic Rate means?
rate of energy output/hour
Most of the energy in foos is converted to heat by? (three ways)
-bond formation and breaking
-muscle contraction
-friction of blood on vessels
Our bodies need to balance energy input and output,
energy intake equals?
energy output(heat, work,storage)
Basal metabolic rate is measured while?
-20-25 degrees C (room temp.)
-postabsorptive state (fasting for 12hrs.)
total metabolic rate includes?
all activities
Body weight increases?

Body weight decreases?
-when intake exceeds output

-when output exceeds intake