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what imaging studies are useful for optic neuritis?
mri or T2 FLAIR
what should you do for a pt w/optic neuritis?
MRI, IV corticosteroids (if lesions on MRI), NO ORAL ROIDS
what to do? Pt w/bilateral optic disc swelling
REFER to ophto immediately
name the dz: sudden painless unilateral vision loss in a vasculopath
non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy
Tx for NAION?
What key sxs are associated with AION?
Jaw claudication and elevated CRP
Tx for Giant Cell Arteritis?
immediate high dose roids to protect the other eye
Which muscles are most affected in Graves'?
Imaging for Graves'?
Indications for orbital decompression?
Optic Neuropathy, exposure keratopathy, high IOP, globe luxation, cosmetic
Definative dx for giant cell arteritis?
temporal artery bx w/in 10 days of onset
Tx for thyroid related orbitopathy?
during inflammatory phase give roids or rad…when stable for 6 months do surgery