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Why did people first settle in Mesopotamia?
Mesopotamia had good soil for growing crops and it was near water
Who was Abraham?
THe first person to introduce the idea of only one god
Who was Hammurabi?
The King of Babylon that created the first recorded laws
Why did the Mesopotamians believe in many gods?
To explain what science couldn’t
Who makes all the decisions and rules in a monarchy?
A King or Queen
What are 2 disadvantages to having a monarchy
* Only one person makes the decisions
* People do not have a voice in making decisions or creating laws
*other answers may be correct
What are 3 examples of Mesopotamian technology?
* Wheel
* Alphabet
* Money
* Games
* Numbers
* Other answers may be accepted
What individual rights do people have in a monarchy?
Only the rights the monarch (King or Queen) gives them
How did irrigation lead to a surplus of food?
Irrigation allowed their crops to receive water all year long, which allowed them to produce a lot of food all year long
How does the creation of irrigation and farming lead to the creation of a government?
1. Mesopotamians create farming and irrigation
2. A surplus of food grows
3. People build houses and City - States
4. A government is created stop chaos and maintain order
What is Monotheism?
The belief in one god
What was the first form of writing that used wedge shaped symbols known as?
What is a money economy?
An economy based on money
What does barter mean?
Exchange of services
Money or goods collected by the government is known as ...
A government in which one person rules is known as a ...
What is a City-State?
A village and the farmland around it
What is the name of the system that creates laws and makes decisions?
What is a dike?
Built up material used to prevent flooding
What is irrigation?
To artificially supply dry land with water
What are two advantages to having a monarchy?
* Quick decisions can be made
* No fighting over decisions
* Other answers may be accepted