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What did Sumerians look like?
Short, stocky, black hair
Definition of Mesopotamia
"Land betweeen two rivers"
The rivers bordered Mesopotamia
Tigris & Euphrates
Earliest known civilization on earth
Crops that the Sumerians grew
Barley, wheat, sesame, flax, fruit trees, date palms
What was used to water crops?
Irrigation canals
Each one had it's own government and God.
Description of the houses of the upper class
Two stories high with wooden balconies that looked over courtyards.
People in the upper class
Priests and merchants
Description of the houses of the middle class
One story high and built around courtyards.
People who were in the middle class
government officials, shopkeepers, artisans, and skilled workers.
People who were in the lower class
Farmers, unskilled workers, fishermen
Definition of Ziggurat
"Mountian of God" or "hill of heaven"
What a ziggurat looked like
Several blocks stacked on top of one another, like a square-shaped pyramid
Only priests could go in here
the top of the ziggurat or the home of the God
What the Sumerians believed were gods
forces of nature
What would happen if the gods were unhappy with the Sumerians
Their crops would not grow and they would not live happy lives.
The only people who could know the will of the gods
What Sumerian writing was called
Why writing developed
People had to keep track of business deals and how much of something there was.