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List all types of enchiladas.
Chicken, Cheese, Chili, Beef, Verde
List all types of sauces.
Chili, Verde, Sour Cream, Rancheros, Queso
List all items available on the lunch #1, #2, or #3.
All 5 Enchiladas
Soft, Crispy, Fried, Puffy Tacos
BF/CHKN Chimi Changas
BF/CHKN Tamales
BF/CHKN Chapulas
Chicken Guisado
What are the natural sauces on each enchilda?
Chicken- Sour Cream
Cheese- Queso
Chili- Chili
Beef- Chili
Verde- Verde
What is the difference between Lunch One, Lunch Two, Lunch Three
Guest Picks One/Two/Three Item[s]
What time and days of the week are the lunch specials served?
7 Days A Week
May a guest order a lunch special in the evening for an additional charge?
No, but they can order a la carte items.
What substitutions are allowed for no charge on lunch specials?
Any substitutions except charro beans and tortilla soup.
Describe the Lunch Fajitas.
4 oz. of Beef/Chkn/Sausage fajita meat served on a sizzling skillet with onions, bell peppers, fajita butter, and RC5, set up is #2 extra.
What is RC5?
RC5 is rice & choice of 5 side items including...
Refried Beans, Black Beans, Charro Beans, Tortilla Soup, Sauteed Veggies
Describe the Lunch Quesadillas.
3 small quesadillas filled with either spicy beef or chicken, cheese, tomatoes.
Also fajita beef or chicken with onions & bell peppers.
Served with RC5.
Describe the Cheese Nachos.
12 Tostada Chips topped with mont jack & cheddar cheeses.
Garnished with cabbage, jalepenos, tomatoes
Describe Bean Nachos.
Same as Cheese Nachos, add refried beans.
Describe the Beef or Chicken Nachos.
Same as Bean Nachos, add spicy beef or chicken, sour cream & guacamole.
Describe the Fajita Nachos.
Same as Beef/Chicken, substitute Fajita meat.
Describe the Chili Con Queso.
Velveeta & American Cheese Sauce With Anahiem & Bell Peppers
List the choices of Quesadillas that we offer.
Spicy Beef & Chicken, Fajita Beef & Chicken, Cheese/Veggie, Spinach & Chicken, Sausage
Describe the Queso Flameado.
Fajita Beef, Chicken, or Sausage sauteed with Fajita Butter, Tomatoes, Onions & Pablano Peppers.
Topped with Queso & Monteray Jack Cheese & Garnished with Bell & Pablano Peppers& Parsley, Served With Tortillas
Describe the Flautitas.
4 Beef & 4 Chicken Flautitas
Garnished with sour cream & tomatoes
Served with choice of sauce on the side
Served with guac
Describe the Fiesta Sampler.
2 Beef, 2 Chicken Flautitas, Fiesta Nachos & Fajita BF/CHKN Quesadilla Garnished With Tomato,Jalapenos, Corn, Cup Of Queso, Guac
Is there a charge for a side of jalapenos?
Describe the Chili Con Carne Sauce.
Tex-Mex Chili
What are the different types of tacos we serve?
Soft, Crispy, Fried, Puffy
Can a guest get a half order of Quesadillas?
List the four steps to Suggestive Selling:
1. Have A Selling Attitude
2. Guide The Guest
3. Know Your Products
4. Use The Right Words
What credit cards do we accept?
American Express
Master Card
Diners Club
List what you turn in when cashing out.
Check Out With Two Signatures
Credit Card Slips
Explain the procedure for claiming tips when clocking out.
Claim 100%
Can a server automatically add gratuity to a check?
What is a Comp. and who is authorized to approve one?
Mistake made AFTER leaving the kitchen.
Describe a wait staff bank.
50 Dollars
1 $10
4 $5
15 $1
Coins $5
What are your responsibilities when accepting Gift Cards as a payment?
Treat as a Credit Card.
What are your responsibilities when accepting a Traveler's Check?
Check ID
Watch Signature
What is the difference between a Comp and a void?
A Void is a mistake before leaving the kitchen.
Whose signature is required on any comp?
If a guest wishes to pay their check 1/2 with cash and the other 1/2 with a credit card, how do you do that?
Use one first or vice versa.
Who can void a charge?
If a guest pays with a credit card, and the register will not read the card when you swipe it, what do you do?
Try it a couple of times.
Try another POS.
Inform the guest it is not accepting.